What natural products do the Chewy dog food brands contain?


How to feed a dog so that it fully develops and that food is as cheap as possible? How to properly feed your dog with natural products if you are a beginner or have previously fed your pet Chewy dog food brands only? The article was created specifically for novice dog breeders and will help them understand what foods an animal needs, how many of them should be present in the diet, what vitamins are needed, how many times a dog should be fed per day, at what time, what to do if the dog does not want to eat or growls.

We will not consider feeding a dog with dry Chewy food in the article, but rather leave this topic for subsequent articles. Mixing natural and dry food is not recommended, so immediately decide on what exactly you will feed your dog. If desired, it will be possible to switch from natural food to dry Chewy dog food from best brands bestdogfood.expert or vice versa, but this should be done gradually.

How to feed your dog properly?

The normal development of a dog depends on both heredity and the owner, or rather, on physical activity and proper nutrition that he gives. The controversy surrounding which foods should be in the diet and which should not be still continues. Someone says that it is impossible to feed a dog with cereals, because it does not eat them in nature. However, a dog is a predator that, while eating a prey, also eats the contents of its intestines, in which undigested food could remain. There are dog breeders who have completely excluded milk from the pet’s diet, although many will consider this a serious omission.

You should not fall into fanaticism and be afraid to put this or that ingredient in the dog’s porridge. Everything is good in moderation, and you can only understand what is good and what is bad through your own experience. So, first read the nutrition rules.

Dog Chewy food rules.

Everything is good in moderation.

There should be enough Chewy food for the dog, but overfeeding is little better than undernourishment. As you gain experience, you will learn to give your pet as much Chewy food as it needs.

How long to give for one meal?

Be sure to put the bowl of food back into the refrigerator after 15-20 minutes from the moment you put it, whether the dog has eaten or not. Thus, food for the dog will not stand for half a day at the feeding site and you will teach your pet to eat in a timely manner (food intake will not stretch out).

How many times to feed the dog per day?

For an adult dog, two feedings a day are enough, but make it a rule to feed the dog in equal portions at approximately the same time.

Does the dog need to salt the food? It is not necessary, since all products contain salt to one degree or another. Well, except that you can add quite a bit of salt, and even then not in every feeding.

Chewy dog food brands stand.

Buy chewy dog food brands or make your own food bowl holder. The stand will allow the bowl to be positioned at the level of the dog’s chest so that it does not tilt towards the floor. Stands on tripods are very convenient in this regard, allowing you to adjust the height at which the bowl will be located.

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