Things To Remember Before Choosing Dog Food Over-The-Counter


Feeding the dog with balanced and complete nutrition should be one of the most important things that one can do to increase the life of their puppy. But the truth here is no food is perfect for dogs.

Different dogs have different nutritional needs. One can take care of a few factors while choosing the best dog food over the counter. Dog food and supplies in Saudi Arabia would be the best option that can give a good start to the dog. It helps the dog to receive a complete and balanced meal.

Pay attention to age

When it comes to choosing dog food from any pet store, the owner must first and foremost consider the dog’s age. According to age, the food habits of the dogs change.

The pet store with dog food and supplies in Saudi Arabia has all the food requirements that a dog needs. Especially if one has a puppy, dog food should contain fats, protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals.

However, for large puppies, the food should contain less amount of phosphorus and calcium to support proper bone development.

The life stage is crucial

Most of the dog food that one can buy over the counter comes with the tag of complete and balanced for every life stage. It may sound convenient, but one must remember that a dog has innumerable nutritional requirements at every stage of its life. Hence one must choose dog food from the pet store with these nutritional values.

For instance, the puppy requires food that supports the growth of the body. Hence one must look for the dog food from the pet store with at least 25% protein. Overfeeding can also cause health problems for the puppy.

In the case of adults, the workload, outdoor temperature, and activity level of the puppy must be considered before choosing the store food. However, for senior dogs, one must choose food consisting of Gamma-linolenic acid, fructooligosaccharides, beta carotene, and vitamin E.

Check the nutrients

Some dog foods consist of DHA or docosahexaenoic acid. It helps to support the puppies’ heart, brain, and eye development. When owners choose dog food and supplies in Saudi Arabia, they must look for a diet consisting of DHF fatty acids.

At the same time, the food preference also changes with different conditions of the dog. Only after creating a personalized dog diet or visiting the veterinarian would help estimate the best for their dog. Nowadays, every pet store has experts who can recommend the best only after listening to the condition.


Sometimes even after giving the proper nutrition and dog food from the best pet store, the dog may not do well with the food. It can be either a bad stomach day or some allergic reaction. If the dog starts throwing up or loses interest in the treats or food, then it is time to speak to the vet and check on the issue. However, choosing the best from pet supplies stores would let the dog stay healthy and get proper nutrition.

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