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The Relationship between Humans and Horses

Horses are exquisite animals who have served humans for centuries. Horses are beautiful to watch and to care for; they have a rare beauty that has long been deeply attractive to their human masters. It's no wonder that so many stories and myths have been written about the wonder of

Know More about Pitbulls and American Puppies

In case you feel that Pitbulls or American Puppies must be avoided as home pets, then you need to think twice! They come as the perfect pets and your buddies for a very long time. They sure make an incredible family dog, and a decision you won’t regret!Even though you

How to Teach a Dog Tricks?

Do you know easy dog tricks, but you don’t know how to teach your dog the tricks? No matter how hard you are trying, the dog just doesn’t learn the easy tricks. This might be because you don’t know exactly how to teach your dog tricks. There are certain secrets

Preventative Healthcare for Pets

Much like humans, cats, dogs and other domesticated animals can receive preventative healthcare from an early age, which would continue throughout the animal’s life. Whether a kitten or a puppy, your pet should have their first vet visit at around 6-8 weeks old, when they would be registered, examined and

Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog

Sometimes you just can’t walk your dog. The weather isn’t always on the dog walkers side, especially if your dog isn’t fond of rain (apparently your dogs’ senses are heightened when it rains), or if they get intimidated by other dogs, runners, don’t like loud noises of motorbikes etc. Or

Introducing The Benefits Of Cat Trees

Cat trees are not just meant for pampering your feline friends, but they also serve as a beneficial addition to your indoor environment. You see, we humans are habituated to live in a horizontal world, but cats are not. They love to enjoy the vertical world as they look for

Keep Your Dog Happy at Their Final Moments

Keep Your Dog Happy at Their Final Moments

Saying goodbye to the dearest dog is a standout amongst the toughest choices that everyone faces in their life. There are a ton of elements to consider, yet at last, it's up to you and your vet to choose if and when euthanasia turns into an alternative. Vetter Pet Care