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Interactions Between Children and Dogs

Children and Dogs

Children and dogs are both beloved members of our families. But due to their small size, unpredictability, and curious nature, you should always keep a watchful eye on children and pets to ensure that everyone stays safe. As long as you keep a lookout, the children and dogs in your life

Flying With Dogs: What You Need to Know

Flying With Dogs

Are you planning on flying with your dog? More and more pet owners are looking to take their dogs during their travels. Many people are beginning to take their dogs on cruises and road trips. If you have a furry pet you love, it can be hard to leave them at

7 Tips from Professional Dog Trainers

Professional Dog Trainers

Training your dog to be well behaved is one of your most essential duties as a pet-owner. A well-trained dog is one that responds to your commands promptly and displays a low amount of destructive behaviours. Dog training helps prepare your pet for safe social interactions and strengthens the pet and

5 Last-Minute Things To Do Before Moving Out of an Apartment

pet odor

Moving out of an apartment is a big project. When you're focused on planning and packing, it's easy to overlook minor things. Unfortunately, they can become big problems after you no longer have the keys! Make sure you get your deposit back. Leave on a good note by learning about (and

Pug Training Tips Every Pug Owner Should Know

Pugs make for great pets. They're personable, well-tempered, and are one of the most expressive dog breeds, making for a holy trinity of adorableness. Of course, you'll need to work on training your pug to make sure they're always on their best behavior. And sometimes, that's easier said than done. To make

How to Choose the Right Puppy from a Litter

Getting a puppy is a big decision because it will become a new member of your family. You will be responsible for feeding, training, and sheltering your puppy, among other things. Naturally, you will want the puppy to be perfectly healthy and satisfy all your preferences and requirements. If you do not

Do You Need a Lawyer for Paraquat Exposure?

Paraquat, a commonly used herbicide in the US, has been found to pose health hazards for people exposed to the chemical. Various studies suggest prolonged exposure to this herbicide may even lead to Parkinson’s disease – a degenerative disorder that may result in severe mobility problems. A lawsuit has been recently

Do you Really Need Pet Sitting Services?

Pet Sitting Services

There are around 471 million dogs and some 373 million cats kept at homes as pets. These two are the most common ones that are loved by families all around the world. See this link if you want to know more about this. More often than, people must go elsewhere and