5 Tips And Tricks to Keep Pests Away.


Having pests and bugs in your house not only poses damage to your property, but they do have the capacity to affect your healthiness too. The most effective way of rodent extermination is calling for pest control experts. However, even before you hire a pest control company, we have mentioned some practical ways by which you can keep your house away from rodents and pests.

Ways to keep your home rodent and pest-free.

Keep your kitchen hygienic.

The kitchen is the place where infections and viruses can quickly get inside your body. Pests flourish in surroundings where they find moisture and dirt. To ensure that your kitchen does not become an infestation home, you must regularly wipe your kitchen counters, drawers, stoves with a disinfectant liquid cleanser. Also, it would be best to clean the food crumbs lying on the kitchen counter as these will attract more insects and bugs.

Keep your restrooms clean.

Most of the pest control tips you might get will not advise you to keep your restrooms clean to avoid pests. But the above rule applies to your bathroom and restrooms too. You must be sure that you are cleaning your toilets every alternate day, washing the sink and unclogging the pour of your sinks, making sure that your shower curtains are dry and free of fungus and moss build-ups. It is advisable to use a heavy-duty liquid detergent while cleaning your bathrooms and restrooms. These modest steps will help maintain the toilet clean and pest-free for a prolonged period.

Do Not leave your fruits and vegetables out for long.

When kept open and when they overripe, they tend to attract insects and other bugs. Ensure that you do not keep any fruit and vegetable sliced or for too long. While fruit flies do not cause any harm, there is a very high possibility of other bugs like cockroaches and house flies being attracted. 

Dispose of your trash regularly.

We often wonder how we can keep our kitchen clean. Well, that answer is pretty simple, which we have mentioned above, but one more thing that contributes to the cleanliness of your kitchen is disposing of your garbage daily. This can attract rodents, cockroaches, and other pests if not done. This can even lead to diseases like plague, food poisoning, etc.

Do not allow water to accumulate.

Stagnant water is the breeding ground for mosquitoes. You must ensure that no water is contained for a prolonged time wherever you live. If you find one, you must disturb that stagnant water and throw the water away. If you do not take these necessary steps, this can invite diseases like malaria, dengue, and other mosquitoes-borne diseases.

Your number one priority while aiming for a pest-free environment should be cleanliness. If your life is not hygienic enough, it will attract pests and bugs no matter what you do. So your north star should be ‘Hygiene’ to have a pest-free house.

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