Check Out Tibetan Mastiff Prices: A Brief Care Guide


It is vital to understand that Tibetan Mastiff is both a protective and loyal breed. For centuries, people have used them as guard dogs, which created their sense to protect their families.

They have developed close to humans, but they still require specific tips to help you care for them with ease.

Remember that proper care for Tibetan Mastiff includes:

  • You should invest in high-end food that will cover their nutritional requirements
  • Purchase a high-quality dog bed
  • It is important to exercise it every single day
  • Brush its teeth, coat, and visit veterinarian checkups at least twice a year
  • You will need a large yard to ensure a proper stimulation
  • Avoid disciplining, scolding, or arguing with children while they are present
  • It would be best if you always supervised them while they are with your child or other kids from your neighborhood

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As your Tibetan Mastiff grows, it will also require evolvement, which means you should prepare yourself for additional requirements.

A Brief Guide to Caring for Tibetan Mastiff Puppy

Having a puppy can be challenging and problematic at first, especially if you do not have prior experience with dogs. Still, you should remember a few things that will help you out with the process.

The main goal is to understand everything you should do, which is not as challenging and high-maintenance as your previously thought.

As soon as you bring a new puppy to your household, a completely new journey begins for your family. Of course, the first thing you should do is to acquaint yourself with your family members.

Then, it would be best if you created a suitable environment to ensure you meet its daily needs.


It would help if you started with grooming from a young age, allowing it to get accustomed to brushing and examination.

For instance, you should check its paws after daily walking from an early age because older dogs are not comfortable with it unless they get used to it from the beginning.

The rewarding is the best incentive to ensure good cooperation, which is an essential factor to remember. When it comes to housebreaking, everything depends on the things you do.

Therefore, you should assist the puppy with bathroom habits by efficiently implementing designated potties they can access.

You should confine it until you finish with the potty training. At the same time, you need to ensure you offer constant access to a potty, ensuring you do your job correctly.


We have mentioned above that they require high-end food rich in fats, minerals, proteins, and vitamins essential for development and growth. While they are puppies, you should get specific food to supply them with the necessary nutrients.

When it reaches eight weeks, you should feed it at least three to four times a day. After six months, reduce the number of meals to two. You should always follow dog food pack directions and adjust it based on the exercise levels and appetite.

It is vital to create a regular eating schedule, which will ensure it learns to eat at a specific time. You should avoid canned food that features numerous artificial ingredients because they may cause skin conditions and problems.

As soon as you notice them scratching too much, it can happen due to a food allergy. After it reaches the ninth month of age, you should introduce it to adult dog food.

Prevent overeating and obesity issues by taking care of regular dietary requirements.


Similarly,like other dog breeds, they are suspectable to numerous conditions. One of the fatal genetic conditions is CIDN or Canine Inherited Demyelinate Neuropathy. It is a disorder that happens to puppies between the seventh and tenth weeks of age.

That is why you should purchase a puppy based on a previous health report and from a reputable breeder with health clearances for parents. That way, you can prevent fatal genetic conditions.

You can also get pet health insurance, mainly because you should put it under numerous procedures and medical tests. That way, you will cover all required fees with ease.

Watch this video: to understand more about this breed before you make up your mind.

Fitness Requirements

You should avoid overworking and too much exercise if you have a puppy because it is still in development. Its joints, muscles, and bones are evolving, which is why too much exercise can lead to degenerations.

Their joints start to mature when they reach a year, which is an essential factor to remember. The best way to prevent the chances of orthopedic damage is by restricting outdoor exercise to yard play.

We recommend you avoid long walks. It is safe to take it for half-hour strolls and romps in your yard when it reaches three months. It is enough for dealing with its fitness requirements.


The Tibetan Mastiff requires early socialization in well-balanced and careful ways. That way, it will grow into a well-adjusted and stable dog. At the same time, socialization will prevent potential behavioral issues in the future.

Therefore, you should train them as soon as you bring them home. Of course, you should be as patient as possible because it can be challenging to deal with and headstrong at first.

Although socialization starts from an early age, you should do it when it reaches adulthood too.

Puppies can act with soft personalities, but they will still retain their guardian nature. That is why you should carefully introduce them to family members, strangers, children, and other dogs.

Exposing your canine friend to unfamiliar experiences such as meeting new people will ensure it stays self-confident, well-adjusted, and comfortable. That way, you will support it during world exploration.

Therefore, you should take it to the park, long car drives, neighborhood walks, and other areas. As it grows, the training will prevent over-protectiveness to family members and dominance towards other dogs.

At the same time, the training will build its patience towards kids. Of course, you are responsible for your dog’s behavior, which means you should ensure it behaves correctly while at home or outside.

You should teach it good manners and enroll it in obedience classes to prevent potential problems from happening in the future.

Similarly, as other dogs, they function based on routine, which makes them sensitive to changes. Therefore, you should stay as consistent as possible during the training regimen.

At the same time, they are naturally suspicious of strange and new things, while they can be aggressive to same-sex dogs. As a result, you should be careful whenever your dog is next to other animals.

That way, you will prevent destructive behavior, which will prevent potential problems from happening.

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It is vital to remember that the Tibetan Mastiff is a fantastic breed that functions appropriately in family settings. Since it is dependable, adorable, and beautiful, it comes with perfect traits everyone wants in a family dog.

However, we do not recommend them to novice dog owners because you will need good experience to take care of their training and ensure the right environment.

At the same time, you should avoid getting them if you live in a small place without a good backyard. They are one of the largest dog breeds in the world, which is why they need plenty of space to walk and function around your family.

Generally, they are stubborn yet highly intelligent and devoted companions. Still, they are not simple to train and handle, which is why you should prepare yourself beforehand.

It is an adventure to own them, but if you do not have plenty of time available, we recommend choosing another breed instead.

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