Five Reasons to Have Pets Desexed


Most of the illnesses that dogs or cats will contract can be avoided by making sure that they get the proper vaccinations from the time they are young. In addition, having them spayed or neutered can also prolong their lives. By having your pet desexed, you can prevent these diseases or behavioural problems.

Prevents Territory Marking

Whether a male cat is outside or indoors, if he hasn’t been neutered, he will usually mark his territory by spraying urine on it. While it will wash away outdoors when it rains, if he does it indoors, it will leave an unpleasant odour which is difficult to remove. Dogs will also mark their territory by urinating on it, but desexing will usually help put an end to it.

Prevents Cancer

Both male and female dogs and cats are more susceptible to certain types of cancers if they are not desexed. For male pets, neutering can prevent testicular and prostate cancers as well as prostate disorders. In females, it helps to prevent ovarian tumours, cystic ovaries, breast or mammary cancers, and serious uterine infections.

Prevents Wandering and Injuries

Males who haven’t been desexed will tend to try to escape their confines and seek out females with which to breed, especially if they sense one nearby who hasn’t been desexed. As a result, they can get into fights and be injured or they risk getting hit by vehicles if they wander out into the street. Having a pet desexed is a simple surgery which can be done by a professional West Lindfield vet from Gordon Vet.

Prevents Unwanted Animals

One of the biggest reasons to desex pets is to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Unfortunately, animal shelters are inundated with puppies and kittens every year because pets who haven’t been desexed and then get out and mate with another dog or cat. Most people don’t want to raise a litter of puppies or kittens so if they cannot find homes for them, they take them to animal shelters to try to have them adopted. All too often, these unwanted animals are euthanised because they can’t get adopted.

Calms Pets Down

Dogs or cats who are not desexed can be more hyper and exhibit anti-social behaviours, such as mounting people’s legs or yowling when in heat. By having them desexed when they are young, animals will be calmer and more laid-back so they make better pets. Gordon Vet is the best north shore vet hospital for desexing pets so they become better companions.

If you want a healthy and happy pet, then you need to have him or her desexed. It will prevent the development of many diseases and behavioural issues so he or she will be a part of your family for several years.

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