How To Ensure Your Dog Gets Enough Exercise?


Dogs are just like us. They need exercise to be fit and to stop weight gain. Unfortunately, many dogs don’t get sufficient exercise due to various reasons. This can make the dogs obese, and their health can be affected.

This makes exercise inevitable and as a pet parent you need to ensure this. If you are not sure about how to get your dog sufficient exercise, then our guide will help you. We tell you how to give your dog sufficient exercise while having fun at the same time.

How much exercise is needed?

Before talking about how to exercise your dog, let’s discuss how much exercise is needed. If you have a puppy, you must know the puppy is bristling with energy. It requires a lot of exercise to help it grow well.

The exact amount of exercise needed varies from breed to breed. It is important to plan the exercise appropriate to the dog breed. Some dogs like collies demand more exercise while the bulldog can manage with moderate exercise.

Talk to your vet to work out your dog’s exercise needs. While lack of exercise can affect your dog’s health, too much exercise can also cause problems. Talk to the vet before planning an exercise program for your furry friend. On average, dogs need 40 to 60 minutes of physical activity each day.

The best way to exercise your dog

If you have a yard or a garden, then you have a place for your dog to exercise. Those who live in apartments may have a problem. They would need to take the dog out to exercise. A harness is a must while exercising your dog. This ensures safety and a problem-free experience. You can look for the best dog harnesses for your dog and buy them before going ahead with the exercise.

Here are some options to exercise your do. Try out all these ways, so your dog gets variety in exercise and enjoys the experience.

1) Exercise in the yard

Exercising in the yard is good enough since your dog can run around and play freely. However, the dog requires exercise outdoors. Cooping it up inside the yard is not a good idea. Try to fit in a walk outdoors along with exercise in the garden or yard.

2) Go for a walk

The best exercise is outdoors. Get a harness and take your dog for a walk. Don’t worry about the pace at which to walk. Your dog will decide it. Follow the dog as it walks around. Take it to a park where dogs are allowed, so your pet can have fun.

3) Play fetch

One of the fun exercises that both you and your dog would enjoy is a game of fetch. You can play it at home or take your dog to the beach, park, or any other open area. Your dog would enjoy the game and it would get sufficient exercise while running around fetching a ball, Frisbee, or anything else you throw.

4) Use the stairs

If your home doesn’t have outside space, don’t worry. Make use of the staircase. Ensure your dog climbs the stairs many times a day. This is good enough exercise. If you walk up and down the stairs, your dog will follow you. It is good exercise for both.

5) Consider swimming

Dogs love swimming, but you need to start at an early age. Take them swimming when they are pups, and they will fall in love with this activity. Your dog will pick up swimming very quickly, and you don’t have to worry about its safety. You must note that some dogs don’t like swimming, so you must not force them.

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