These Are Some Of The Most Popular Dog Breeds

Yorkshire Terriers may be small in size, but big in attitude. Learn more about this toy dog breed by visiting our website.

Dogs are the most owned and most popular pet found in family homes today. From their friendship to their cuteness and fun personalities, dogs are a great asset to any individual or family. Not only are they fun to raise and be around, but they can be very smart and protect you in the worst of situations. There are hundreds of different dogs on this earth, each different and unique in their own way. Check out some of the most popular dog breeds:

1.Yorkshire Terriers:

Yorkshire Terriers are often bought and adopted because of their fun, cute and little size. They’re a bundle of energy and are perfect to take with you anywhere you go, and don’t require a lot of space like other dogs. It has a long, luxurious coat and an energetic personality that makes it vibrant and fun.


Bulldogs have been a popular breed for quite a while. Although they may look tough, many people find bulldogs often endearing and sweet. It has a great jowly appearance and a warm, loving personality despite what it looks like.


Beagles are simple dogs that love to be outdoors, play with everyone and just have a good time. They’re easy to take care of and are a popular family pet because of this reason.

4.Labrador Retriever:

The Labrador Retriever is America’s favorite dog. Not only are they extremely intelligent and make great police dogs, but they’re friendly and playful with everyone. These dogs help search in police investigations, but are also found among millions of homes in the US due to their soft, fun, nature.

5.German Shepherd:

The German Shepherd breed is a type of dog that will protect you in any situation. It’s the worlds leading police dog, helping out both the military and guards. However, it is often a family pet that truly is protective, energetic and smart. It’s big size and luffy coat makes it loveable, and they way these dogs are trained will really impress you.

6.Golden Retriever:

These cute, hard-working dogs are very popular in the United states and have a nice, friendly attitude that any owner will appreciate. They are often great search and rescue guides. It’s beautiful golden coat truly stands out and makes it a dog worth having.

Check out these most popular dog breeds and see what dog may work for you.

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