How To Protect Your Dog From Theft


It is estimated that there are approximately 11 million dogs owned in the UK and almost 40% of UK households own at least one dog. As such, many people consider their dog to be a much loved and cherished member of their family.

Almost £2 billion is spent on pet food each year in the UK alone and pet stores both online and on the high street offer a huge range of products. It is therefore devastating for a dog lover when they discover that their cherished pet has been stolen from the presumed safety of its own home.

Statistics show that in recent years the number of cases of theft from residential properties has increased with most being sold or used for breeding. With working breeds such as Cocker Spaniels costing hundreds of pounds and some very rare breeds being even more costly they are targeted increasingly.

Many of these thefts take place from the dog owner’s home or garden whilst the dog was taking some exercise outdoors.

How to Secure Your Property

In order to protect your pet, large driveway gates together with boundary walls can offer security by first of all providing privacy from the prying eyes of opportunist thieves and secondly by providing a strong physical barrier to protect them.

Installing driveway gates keeps them in a safe enclosed area where they can spend time in the open air with you also knowing they can’t run off into busy roads or get lost.

Medical research over the years has suggested that owning a dog is beneficial to your physical health due to the exercise involved in dog walking and the psychological benefits from the companionship of another living creature. It has been shown that pet lovers can lower their blood pressure by the calming action of stroking a dog in a relaxed situation. In return for their loyalty it is only fair to ensure their well being in whatever way you can to prevent the heartbreaking effect that a stolen pet has on its owners.

But what about the thousands of home owners who maybe do not share that devotion and find that their lovingly tended gardens are invaded regularly by unchecked dogs whose thoughtless owners allow them to go running around the neighborhood?

It is a bye law in most cities and towns that dogs are kept on a lead but dog wardens are few and far between and rarely enforce any fines.

If this is a persistent problem installing tall metal fencing or railings combined with driveway gates will give you peace of mind and the ultimate protection from the damage and health risks associated with dog mess at the same time as improving the general security of your home and its appearance.

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