How to choose a parrot?


Finally decided to adopt this social animal, intelligent and sometimes very talkative? As the longevity of this bird can reach 80 years, it is best to think carefully before embarking! To which parrot are you doing?

An animal that needs company

First you should know that birds in general and parrots in particular are not loners. If you are away during the day, there is a good chance that your pet will miss. Do not hesitate to acquire two companions.

If you choose this option, pick a couple already formed rather than two animals that do not know and may not do well together.

The cockatoo is perhaps the least misanthropic parrot. Expect

a capricious behavior if your bird does not feel receive enough attention, and some damage to your furniture.

Birds of the family Psittacidae, the parrots are divided into 340species. Some victims are threatened because of the success of “talking birds”. So be sure that the species in the wild is not endangered and that the bird you want to buy has not been deducted adult in nature.

Finally, check that the detention of this species is completely legal.

The longevity of the parrot, a key criterion

Depending on the species, the longevity is very variable. It is therefore important to know what “little way” you’ll walk with your parrot. A gray of Gabon can live sixty years, like the macaw ararauna, the macaw or the Amazon. However, the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo lives about 40 years, which still represents a period to be considered.

Cockatoos, lovebirds, macaws and African gray, a wide range of animals, all the more endearing than the other, is available to you. However, you must take into account the specificities of each case, depending on your lifestyle, the time you have to take care of him, and even your character.

Calm or extravagant?

Every parrot has a character all its own. Similarly, some are equipped with a particularly high voice. Make sure you have a well-insulated apartment if you wish to avoid the wrath of your neighbors. The family of macaws, which has the highest number of species, is characterized among other things by a particularly unpleasant voice. By cons, they are pretty calm birds.

If you want to learn the language for your pet, adopt a gray Gabon, generally regarded as the champion of the talking birds.

The Amazons are players. Very active, they can also cause serious damage to your home and must therefore be closely monitored when flying out of their cage, like cockatoos.

If you have children, know that the cockatoo is terribly jealous, and that reflects this exclusivity by quite unbearable screams.

Remember that the first contact is very important. If you hesitate, observe bird behavior in your presence. Maybe is it the parrot that you choose.

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