The top 3 reasons why Bengals are the best breed of cat.


These days you can see upwards of hundreds or even thousands of breeds of cat across the world, most of which will of course be available and living in the UK. However, determining which cat is the right breed for you is something that is often overlooked, as most consumers just want a cat and will generally go for a look or what is readily available to them.

Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal on white background, licking

I would strongly advise against this, as different breeds of cat have different tendencies, habits and things that they like. Accommodating the needs of your cat should be your highest priority, and it can be difficult to do this if you have chosen a breed of cat that requires more attention and care purely based on appearance or getting a cat for the sake of having one.

Bengal cats are a wonderful breed, and they have been around for almost 50 years now. It is a cross-breed between a regular domestic cat and an Asian Leopard cat, a very small wild cat that resides in most parts of Asia. This was in order to get a good mix or a domesticated docile cat and the playfulness and energy that a wild cat has. This was a great success and nowadays Bengal cats are becoming ever more popular in households in the UK and across the globe as they become more appreciated and more people have started breeding them. And so, here are the reasons why you should adopt a Bengal cat.

  • They are great with kids – the energy and playfulness that a Bengal has to offer is the perfect tool to keep your children entertained as well as giving you some loving value too. Bengal cats very rarely get bored of a particular activity and can do it for hours on end much like an infant can, which makes them invaluable as companions and a household pet. There are not many instances in which you could say that a Bengal will not be happy with children.
  • They are not lazy – Most domestic cats have the sole purpose and goal of sleeping, and eating, of which they do for most of the day if they can. This can be disconcerting for an owner as although you may get a short amount of attention from them throughout the day it is generally to get something that they want. Bengals are different in the fact that they crave attention in a loving way from their owners, and can therefore be identified more as dogs rather than cats from their ability to build a relationship with their owners.
  • Bengals are extremely athletic – they love to run and play, but because of the incredible strength in their hind legs they are also able to jump ridiculous distances. They can jump almost 7 feet in the air from standstill, which allows them to do all sorts of cool things such as getting on top of doorframes or supports on the ceiling, entertainment for them and those around them. It is quite a spectacle and something you should look to see if you possibly can.

In all, Realms Bengals are like loving children and just require attention and kindness and will give you the same back in return if you allow them to, and so be sure to consider a Bengal as your number one source of a great household and a great addition to the family.

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