How to properly train your dog?


Maybe you just came home with your new puppy or you are still thinking about getting a new member for your family. One of the most important things you will have to do right from the moment you enter your home is to start training your dog. Whether you train it yourself or hire somebody to do it, it’s a process to be thoroughly respected. Always keep in mind that different dog breeds react differently to training programs. You can check out more about dog breeds on MyPetzilla.

Chose the name wisely. You shouldn’t neglect your dog’s name choice and you should spend some time thinking about it. No matter the name you choose, it has to be a name that you like and respect. If you want to properly train your dog, choosing a name that ends in a strong consonant will help him hear it clearly. If your dog is older he probably already has a name and it will be easier for him if you will keep it. It doesn’t matter what name you choose. The most important thing you have to keep in mind is to choose a funny and positive name.

Establish the rules as early as possible. Teach him what his limits are and don’t be permissive at first. If he is allowed to stay in some parts of the house when he is young, but you are planning to ban him from entering that zone later you should do it from the beginning. If you decide about the rules early on it won’t be confusing for your dog to understand and respect while growing up.

Don’t encourage biting. One of the best ways you can make your canine friend stop biting is to act like you endure a lot of pain. He will see that you are suffering and he will stop immediately. If this isn’t enough and he always chews your shoes and clothes buying a chewing toy is a really smart idea. After he will try the toy he will start preferring it instead of your muddy shoes so you are now in a win-win situation.

Training your dog takes time and you have to be extremely patient. If you haven’t bought a dog yet you can find different dog breeds for sale online. Mypetzilla is a website where you can find pets for sale and where you can find more pet advice for you and your buddy.

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