Service Dogs vs. Therapy Dogs


Oftentimes, most people interchange therapy and service dogs, it’s suggested that you learn the difference between them by analyzing their roles they play in your life. People pay more attention and research on where to buy a service dog patch rather than finding the difference betweentherapy dogs and service dog.

Service dogs are at your service every time

Service dogs are intended for certain tasks to be performed ease the work for their physically and mentally challenged handlers. You might be more independent and less likely have to depend on others to get the jobs done when you have a service dog by your side. Service dogs make your life easy and safe

Service dogs are not meant for petting, if your purpose of having a dog is petting it might not be the best investment to go for service dogs. You might be preventing the dog from performing their job correctly, it’s recommended that you go for a regular dog if you wish to pet. Some service dogs come with a no petting policy.

Therapy dogs meant for psychological therapy

Therapy dogs provide psychological or physiological therapy for people when they need them the most. Most therapy dogs are friendly and have stable temperaments with easy-going personalities, they are common in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and other places. Therapy dogs interact with a variety of people when they are on-duty when they visit schools, day cares, and rehabilitation centers.

Therapy dogs can be trained with ease by just about anybody with a little guidance, most therapy dogs are trained by their owners. However, it’s common to find trained professionals to handle therapy dogs rather than just by the dog’s owners. Therapy dogs might not enjoy the benefits of service dogs to go to public areas, like hotels, stores, and other locations.

Drawing the line between service dogs and therapy dogs

It’s suggested that you differentiate between service dogs and therapy dogs, however, you might have to be choosy when you choose between them. Though both of them are similar to each other, they are not the same. You can’t interchange service dogs and therapy dogs, there’s a variety of ways they differ from each other.

Service dogs are handy just for the disabled handlers to help them out in their daily chores without having to depend on others. They have a lot of privileges which allows them to be with the handlers or owners where just about any pet or even a therapy dog is not allowed. There are tens and thousands of them around the world helping disabled people to be independent or less dependent on others.

You might not find therapy dogs to be much popular like the service dogs, which are more in number and enjoy a lot of privileges. There are a lot of websites on service dogs loaded with a lot of information like where to buy a service dog patch and others, while you might find little to no information on therapy dogs online.


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