Best Dog Food for Great Danes


Great Danes is the German breed of dog which is known as one of the biggest dogs due to its size and height. Due to the height of Great Danes, the requirements of nutrition are different and high as compare to another breed of the dog. You have to give the more nutritious food to your Great Danes to keep him healthy and physically strong. Even giving the food of other big breed is not a good idea as every breed of dog is different and required a different amount of nutrition to eat on daily basis to keep healthy, physically strong and active.

The branded food for dog has made it very easy for the owners of a different breed of dogs to purchase the best food for their dog. You can simply enter in the store or use online stores like Amazon to purchase best dog food for Great Danes by looking at the product package where it states that this food is made for Great Danes. But still, you must look are some important things when purchasing food for your Great Danes.

What to look for when purchasing food for Great Danes?

Usually, a dog owner looks for ingredients which are full of protein in the dog food. But in the case of Great Danes, you do not look for this. Indeed, protein is good for the dog growth but as compared to another breed of dog, the requirement of protein is lower for the Great Danes food. Especially, if you own a puppy, then you must keep an eye on the percentage of protein you are giving to the dog. It must be lower. You can ask for the recommendation from the vet to know that what percentage of different nutrition like fat, protein, and carb will be best for your Great Danes.

Giving a fatty food to Great Danes is also not recommended by the vet because it increases the amount of fat in their body. Great Danes is an active dog, known for big jumps, fast running, and other physical activities. So, to keep him active, the percentage of carb should be higher than the percentage of fat and protein.

Usually, the companies who sell the Great Danes food right the best ingredients of the food of the ingredients. This helps the owner to know that what type of food they are purchasing for their dog. The best dog food for Great Danes must include a good source of protein. Avoid products which have the vegetable or using the grains for the protein. The protein sources like lamb, fish, chicken, and beef are healthier for your dog.

For fat source, try to go with the organic fats. The Great Danes food should not have any other fat source than fat collected from meat like chicken and beef fat. Avoid the products which include fats from the diary products like milk or even cheese. These could be given to your dog sometimes as treat but should not be the main source of fat.

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