The perfect family puppy


Is that tiny, fluffy, playful, energetic bundle of joy. And if you have kids, your household is filled with giggles and joyful moment. But, a puppy can be disobedient, have behaviour problems and act in less funny manners every once in a while. And whether you also have kids or not, your puppy can cause you stress and put you in unpleasant situations. But you still love him or her, so what do you do?

Train your puppy with Total K9

Well, the answer is simple, you invest in training your little dog into the perfect puppy. After all, you want him or her to be obedient so you can keep harm away from them. Because a puppy is an adorable friend to have yet being so young he or she doesn’t know how to best behave. And if you don’t have the time or knowledge to train it, you should take him to a professional trainer, such as the ones at Total K9.

With a simple phone call you can determine the length of the training period and whether your little dog should be trained at home or at Total K9’s site. No matter the solution, you can rest assured the Total K9 team will help your puppy be the best tiny friend for you, your kids and your household.

Total K9 believes that every personal protection dog can be an exemplary pet and thus has been helping owners for many years now by training dogs of any race and age so that they can best fit the lifestyle of their owners.

Puppy and the family

When it comes to puppies, it is best that you train them while they’re as young as 24 weeks so that they don’t get used to bad habits. Total K9 will help your puppy respond to commands such as sitting, lying down, recall. Your puppy will also be potty trained and trained to walk on a lead. All of these will help your little dog have great manners and be well behaved.

Having a puppy is a great feeling. It is a little, furry bundle of joy. He or she is so adorable that you could barely keep away from playing together. Seeing those eyes will melt your heart and instantly put a smile on your face. Not to mention if you have kids, they will adore their little furry friend.

But in order for you and your family to enjoy every moment spent with your perfect puppy or protection dog, you have to make sure he or she doesn’t bite you, asks out when needing to go to the toilet, not run away and chew on shoes and all the other little games a puppy plays. And also, a trained puppy can be kept safe near your household.

So if you want every family member to be happy, including your little dog than invest in training. Train your puppy so that you can enjoy his or her presence, so that you can keep the puppy safe and so that you can say you have a friend and a companion for the good days and the bad ones. A dog that grows in your family is a friend for life.

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