How to keep your Cat Healthy ?


This article is for you if you are an ardent cat lover. The furry four legged creature can make life so much happier and those who have one (or more) of them as pets will certainly agree. But to love it is not enough; it is also important to make sure that your cat is in good health. Many times, it is not neglect but ignorance that leads to your pet having poor health. Following are a few points which will help you care better for your cat:

– Keeping it clean: Much to the relief of its owners, cats are essentially clean creatures. They regularly lick themselves and their saliva consists of natural deodorants containing cleansing properties. A little assistance from your side will help your cat become even cleaner. Cats are not a big fan of baths, and regular brushing is the ideal way to remove dirt and extra hair from their bodies.

– Eating right: Cats are fundamentally carnivorous animals. So, the main meal of your cat should include meat. Dry food should not be completely relied on as they usually contain plant proteins instead of animal proteins. There is a range of cat food, wet and otherwise, available nowadays that promises to fulfill your cat’s daily nutritional requirements.

– Thirst alert: Although, cats get most of their water from food, they should also have fresh water available to them at all times. Symptoms of dehydration in cats include lethargy, panting and sunken eyes. Make sure your cat doesn’t exhibit these.

– Litter box: Every cat deserves a litter box. A litter box that is clean, comfortable and easy to access at that. The litter box should be regularly cleaned for hygiene reasons as well as to delight your cat.

– Play for health: It may not sound as important but playing is of prime importance in order to keep your cat healthy and active. It helps them to exercise and display their natural hunting instincts. From ping pong balls to paper bags, you can use anything as a toy to play with your cat.

– Scratching post: These furry beauties need something to scratch on all the time. So, provide your cat with an interesting scratching post. It will not only make your beloved cat happy but also save your valuable furniture from getting clawed.

– Travel safe: When travelling with your cat always keep it inside its travel box. This is necessary to ensure its safety and that of others. Also, never leave your cat alone in the car.

– A good vet: Make regular visits to the vet in order to avoid fleas and other infections. Timely check-ups ensure the animal’s proper health and safety. Holistic vets should be preferred as they use natural remedies and trusted medication.

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