Dog Training Tips on Special Situations


Dog owners are responsible for Dog training on different situations. Dogs should be given adequate exercise and freedom. Owners should have patience and time to understand the behaviour of dog if certain problematic situations arise. Below we mentioned some helpful dog training information and tips on special situations.

Ask to go out – When the basic house training has been completed, one can groom the dog/pup. Put collar and leash and ask the dog to go out and halt at the door and then repeat the question again. Let him bark and wag his tail and this will be an initiative step to go out. So, every time ask him, “Do you want to go out?” or “Let’s go out.” Repeat this and don’t let hime confuse by changing the commands.

Curbing – It means to teach the dog to relieve himself in the gutter. Take the dogs to curb at fixed timings and he well learn to eliminate there slowly and slowly. Do not take unvaccinated puppy over there as they may pick up infection from there. So, keep him at home and paper taining should be followed until immunisation is complete.

Urinating at unfamiliar places – Occasionally male dogs may have problem of marking their territory by urination when they are in unfamiliar places. Always keep the dog on leash and close to you whenever you are not otherwise the dog will have an instinct to lift the leg and urinate. This problem is more in unneutered male dogs because of high levels of hormones, while neutered dogs have a little chance of marking the terrutirt. Always ask the dog to sit as this reduces the chances of lifting the leg. Whenever the dog misbehaves, give him a gentle push on leash and say ‘No’. This will help to manage the dog’s misbehaviour.

Nervous wetting – Some puppies have a habit to dribble urine because of nervousness, excitement or fear. This is an involuntary reaction as they don’t have any control. This can also be due to lack of confidence. Never punish the pup in such condition. Keep patience with this type of temperament. Keep calm and pat the pup in a gentle manner. This will help the dog to gain confidence.

Stool eating – It is also known as coprophagy. There are several possible situations for this unhealthy problem. Firstly, the dog should be examined by veterinarian. Infestation of worms could be one of the reason as parasites may rob the dog’s nourishment and it may start eating stools to provide himself with the partially digested food. So, dogs should be dewormed regularly. Secondly, the dog’s kennel should be cleaned properly as it won’t be able to eat stool if that is removed properly.

Sometimes dogs start eating stools because of boredom also, especially pups may get this habit when they don’t have any playthings and they uses stools as a toy to play with it. So, provide lots of toys and attention to your pup and dog. Researches also show that lack of enzyme, amylase, may contribute to this problem as it is passed rapidly from the system and dogs are not satisfied with retained food. As a solution for this problem self-feeding can be tried specially for kennel dogs and balanced food should be given. Another solution is addition of papain, an enzyme, to the food to stop coprophagy.

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