Dog treats- Great way to bond with your pet


Our busy lives are full of instances when we are not able to feel that connection with our four-legged family members. Once your dogs learn the basics of obedience; you’ll no longer be required to spend a lot of time in training them. Dog treats are invaluable when it comes to bonding with your canine. As food is an excellent motivation for around 90% of the dogs, it is a great reward that you can offer to your dogs to show your love and care for them.

Understanding the Importance of Treats

Unlike humans who are exposed to various avenues to keep them happy, dogs mostly rely on the love and care we show them. Two ways you can show appreciation and love to your dogs is by either petting them or giving them treats. Thus, don’t shy away from taking the best treats for your dogs next time you are out to pick one. Top brands like the Bruce’s Dog Treats in Australia that offers cold pressed, and meat-based treats, can be an excellent choice.

How treats make training and tricks possible?

Training is an important stage with respect to creating a bond with your pet. It is through training that you can teach your dog to listen to you and respond. Tricks, on the other hand, play a role in training but also go beyond the general sit and stay. It includes skills and activities which allows you and your dog to have fun with each other.

But be it tricks or training, treats make everything possible. They teach your dog positive reinforcement and encourage them to learn and grow.

Importance of positive reinforcement

Until recently dog training was not considered a science but a form of art. However, several decades of research on animal behaviour have confirmed that positive reinforcement is the correct and scientific way to train your canine. With this type of training, your dog works by learning something and gets rewarded in the form of treats for the same.

Be it stopping a behaviour like barking on visitors or teaching them to roll over, the Bruce’s Dog Treats or treats of other such popular brands can be used to encourage and motivate them. In the process, you’ll come across several opportunities to bond with your dog.

Keeping the treat time interesting and fun

It is very important to keep the treat time fun and interesting for the dogs to create an excellent bond with him/her irrespective of the age. Even if you only have limited time, or your dog no longer has the same energy that they once had, a few minutes is all that it’ll take for a quick bonding or training session.

Rather than tossing a treat now and then, you as well as the dog would find such short sessions physically and mentally rewarding. Be it a simple activity or complex behaviour, treats often do the impossible while also helping you to create a better bond with your dog.

While treats are great for positive reinforcement and bond with your pet, it is very important to keep a few things in mind-

  • Prefer natural meat-based treats as they are the best for dogs
  • Make sure that you only select branded and healthy treats, like Bruce’s Dog Treats
  • Avoid overfeeding
  • Find out the ingredients that your dog might be allergic to
  • Prefer meat treats of small size or ones that can be easily broken
  • Variety is good to keep your dog motivated

Treats for dog training are one of the most important and almost foolproof weapons in your arsenal. They keep your dogs motivated and help you create a bond with your dogs. However, they should be used wisely so the whole process is actually fun, encouraging, and creates excellent bonding between you and your dog.

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