How Do You Know If Your Cat Is in Pain?


We all love pet animals and love to have one. Many people prefer to have dogs and cats as a pet. Having a pet can mean different to different people. While a group of people love cuddling with their pets, a few just feel happy being around them without body contact. You must know certain things when you have a cat as a pet. Just like humans, pets also crave a comfortable environment. Therefore, make sure to provide them with an environment that makes them feel comfortable.

There are times when you might not understand if your cat is in severe pain. In this article, you will learn about the signs that describe that your cat is in pain and need help and extra care.

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Signs That Your Cat Is In Pain:

  • The cat starts biting and scratching:

If you notice your cat biting and scratching people, including familiar faces then it means they are in pain. They bite or scratch your skin when you touch their painful area. Therefore, if this is the case with your cat too, then it is time to visit veterinary care and get your pet treated.

  • Changes in breathing:

The breathing of your cat may be faster or shallow if it is in pain. To understand this in a better way, notice the chest and stomach movement of the cat. If you observe any changes, then take necessary precautions immediately.

  • Change in heart rate and pulses:

Another sign that your cat is in pain is if the heart rate and the pulses change. The cats’ heart rate is generally very fast. Therefore, to understand this accurately, you will have to check the pets’ vital with the help of a veterinarian.

  • Gum color change:

Your pet cat is experiencing pain if its gum color has changed. Generally, the gum color of a cat is light pink. However, if you notice it has changed to white, red, purple, grey, or blue, then it most certainly indicates that your cat is suffering from a lack of oxygen, a rise in blood pressure, and inflammation.

  • Vary in eating and drinking routine:

Usually, a cat with pain tends to eat and drink less. Sometimes, the cat may not consume food just because it does not want to walk to the bowl. However, while you offer food to your pet cat, if it does not accept it, then it means there is some internal pain that it is going through.

As told earlier, cats are pro in hiding their pain and discomfort. Therefore, you as a pet parent, must notice things on your own and take adequate treatment at the right time. This will also help you to know if you require at home cat euthanasia Westchester.

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