Carrying Your Pet the Safe Way


There is a huge market for pet supplies in the world of sales today. Because pets have become such a huge part of people’s lives, there are constantly people purchasing things for their pets. Some people go to the extent of purchasing clothing and accessories for their pets, so businesses have started to open that provide fashionable clothing for animals. Other people enjoy taking their animals to pet spas and buying them gourmet treats, so stores offering those services have opened as well. But all pet owners will be required to take their pet somewhere at some point in time, and there are certain things you need to know before taking your pet out of your house and to another location.

How do I transport my pet from my home to another place?

If you are going for a short walk where your end destination is a place that is dog friendly, such as a dog park or a cafe that allows pets, then you don’t need to worry about purchasing a carrier for those purposes. You can easily put a leash on your dog and walk your pet to and from the location without violating any regulations. As long as your dog stays on the leash the entire time, then you will not need a carrier. If you have another type of pet, then chances are that you will need a pet carrier if you plan on transporting your animal to another location. If you are taking your animal on a vacation, then you will need a carrier that is able to be taken either on a long road trip or even on an airplane. If you are taking your animal on a trip around town, you can go for a smaller, more flexible carrier. Either way, these carriers will give you an easy way to take your pet wherever you need to go!

What are some additional things I should keep in mind when buying?

  • Extendable handles and wheels

◦ The older we get, the more our bodies are not able to carry heavy things, and animals can definitely be heavy to carry, especially for a long period of time. Even if you are a strong person, having to tote an animal across an airport can be exhausting. In addition, some animals are just so heavy that it is not practical to carry them. For this reason, it is helpful to get a carrier that comes equipped with wheels and an extendable handle. That way you can roll the carrier as you would carry on luggage, using the extendable handle to easily carry the carrier behind you as you walk.

  • Airplane Regulations

◦ If you are going to be frequently taking airplane trips with your pet, you will want to consult your airline to see what their rules are for the size of pet carriers. Some have regulations where you can carry your pet on the plane with you as long as the carrier is within a certain size. Others require that animals ride in the cargo hold, but still put restrictions on the carrier size. It is best to consult with them if you want to be sure your carrier fits their regulations.

  • How it latches

◦ If you have an animal who can easily operate handles and get out of their carrier, you want to make sure to get a carrier that has protection against that sort of thing so that they never escape from the carrier unattended.

Making the right choice for a pet carrier can make a huge difference on whether your pet is comfortable when leaving your home. There are great choices out there, so do some research or ask friends and family what they use to find the perfect one for your pet!

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