Caring dog fur


To care for the dog’s skin need not simply submit to the vet and pet salon. You must give a healthy and delicious food loaded with essential fatty acids, so that your dog is healthy, strong and beautiful.

Learn what to consider in choosing food and care for the skin of your pet

Why the dog’s skin care?

Our furry friend deserves the best, and that requires that we pay attention to every detail. Since your skin is hidden under the coat layer (the mantle), we tend not to notice when there is dryness, peeling, stains, and other irritations. But it is important to check the status of your skin, at least once a week when we notice strange behavior (he scratches, rubs against the walls), or when you are losing more hair than usual.

Always bear in mind that the skin of your dog is his first defensive layer against all types of threats, in addition to cold and heat, also of bacteria, virus and many others. Therefore, you must examine your pet regularly, be sure to give you a varied and healthy food combining dry feed (pet food) in the best quality possible, and appropriate for your particular needs, taking care at all times and giving all the love that only dogs can give to us.

Food for skin care Dog

You must ensure that the food you can eat, whether feed or food or food prepared at home, have a good supply of essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, which will help take care of the dog’s skin, keeping it hydrated and healthy. It is useful to an annual veterinary examination (or twice a year) to check if the animal has allergies or skin conditions (such as dermatitis or irritation), which will be addressed with medication and hypoallergenic food, specially formulated for these evils.

If your pet has skin folds or short coat, you should make sure to periodically check their behavior and state, to make corrections as necessary and so caring dog skin properly because these two types of skin are more prone to diseases, and develop fungus and other skin problems.

Feeding your pet should be complete with protein, minerals and vitamins. In general, balanced food quality have a good balance of these essential nutrients, but if you give homemade products be sure to include cooked red and white meat, low fat, vegetables and beneficial fruits, and never give you these seven forbidden foods.

Finally, make sure your pet is always enough clean, fresh water, renewing several times a day. Do not let them stagnate or dirty, and verified that receives rainwater can drain from walls or trees, it would bring dirt, viruses and potentially dangerous bacteria.

With a varied diet and enough fresh water, you’ll take care of the dog’s skin and ensure better health for your friend

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