What You Need To Know Before You Get a Cat


Even though you love cats and want to have one as a pet, there are certain things your need to know about taking care of a cat. Cats are very independent, yet they are very loving.

Type of Cat to get

The type of cat does not necessarily mean the breed of cat. Think about whether you want a cat that will go outdoors or one that will stay indoors. If you live in an apartment, an indoor cat is the best choice because there won’t be any way for you to know when the cat wants to come in. If you have your own home and outdoor cat will work well. You also have to decide whether you want a long-haired or short-haired cat. Although a long haired cat, such as a Persian, looks beautiful and is very cuddly, it also sheds a lot of hair, which means extra clean up.

What You Need For the Cat

If you get the cat when it is s kitten, you have to house train it. This means a litter box and kitty litter. Of course as long as you have a cat, you will need this. Cats tend to scratch, so you will need to have a scratching post if you don’t want to have your furniture scratched to pieces. You can clip the toenails so that they are not so long, but if you have an outdoor cat, you shouldn’t clip its nails because that is its line of defense. Cats love toys, so you will need to have a few small toys, such as a ball or a rubber mouse.

Taking Care of Your Cat

Just as dogs need to visit the vet, so does a cat. The vet will let you know about the shots and getting the cat spayed or neutered, making life easier for you. Although a cat is constantly washing itself, you also need to clean the cat too. All cats need their coats brushed at least once a week. If you start doing this when the cat is a kitten, it will get used to it and won’t mind it at all. Most cat owners use a flea collar to help control the pests that can cause the cat to fall ill. The type of food you feed your cat is up to you and the cat. You can have either wet or dry cat food – whichever the cat likes the best. Unlike a dog, a cat does not eat table scraps. It is probably a good idea to feed an older cat wet cat food because it is easier to chew. While the cat is young, dry food will help to build good teeth and gums. So you see there is more to having a cat that just smoothly down its fur. Think carefully about whether you have the time to give the cat the love it deserves. You will receive it back tenfold once you do.

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