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How Much Training Does a Guard Dog Need?

Guard Dog

When it comes to training protection dogs, it’s always best to let the experts handle the job. After all, most people simply are unaware of how to properly train a dog to protect a family, let alone protect the public in the case of a security company or police department.

How To Feed Horses During Hot And Dry Conditions

How To Feed Horses During Hot And Dry Conditions

With summer just around the corner and the weather beginning to get warmer, the ground is starting to dry up and become harder. In turn, this means that the grass is going to begin to suffer and it won’t be long before we see bare, brown paddocks as a common

Tips On Looking After Your Horse

Your Horse

Many people are fond of keeping horses as their companions. Horses may be kept out of your love for the animal or for certain other reasons. Whatever the reason maybe you need to take proper care of your horse so that it may remain healthy and happy with you. For

The Truth About doTERRA Essential Oils and Pets

Oils and Pets

This is a very controversial topic about essential oils and whether or not they are toxic to our pets. In this era of viral posts where everyone wants to have something to add on various subjects, without knowing it, it has created much confusion that we must clear up. For this

Kratzbaum Test: Training your Cat to Use a Scratching Post

Pet owners must know that cats need to climb or scratch posts. If there are no appropriate objects for pet felines to use: rugs, drapes, and furniture may be in mortal danger. Why cats climb and scratch Scratching will help kittens remove their nail's old layers that are overgrown. Not like dogs,

13 Personalized Dog Ornaments Dog Lovers Will Love

Dog lovers tend to save a special place in their hearts and homes for their furry family members. When it comes to their dogs, only the best is acceptable which can make gift giving a little complicated. Thankfully, there are several personalized dog ornaments that all dog lovers will cherish

Untold Benefits of CBD for Pets

Pets are an important part of our lives. Whether it is a dog or a cat, or even any other animal in our household, pets add that special touch to the overall quality of life. As such, when they fall ill, it becomes a major issue of concern. One of