Your Pet’s Health: What to Look for in a Veterinarian


Our beloved pets are as important to us as the other members of our family.

So it’s just as crucial we choose a veterinarian we’re happy with, who we can trust with our pet’s health.

Here are tips for finding a vet for your pet.


One of the best things you can do to find a good vet is to ask around.

Getting a personal recommendation from someone means they can vouch for the vet based on their experience. And if it’s a recommendation from a friend, you’ll trust their advice.

There might also be community groups online that discuss the best vets in the area. If there are, reach out on those and ask around. People on those types of discussion boards are always more than willing to share tips and knowledge.

And if you find a vet you might like, check their website and social media for comments, ratings, and reviews.

Emergency Services

You want to make sure you go for a service that provides an emergency vet. The best vets provide out-of-hours emergency services.

It gives you greater peace of mind to know, should your pet have an incident in the middle of the night or at a weekend, you can still get treatment for them.

It’s helpful to know that they will do house calls as well, in case you can’t transport your sick pet to the clinic in an emergency situation.

Approach to Medicine

It’s a good idea to ask a new vet what their approach is to overall animal care and veterinary medicine with regards to your pet’s individual needs.

You might not be comfortable with certain methods of treatment or uses of particular medicines for your animal. If this is the case, it’s best to discuss with your potential vet what their approach is to this.

If their methods don’t match up to your own, it’s likely there’s a better choice for you and your pet’s health out there for you.

Licensed Personnel

While uncommon, there’s always a chance a prospective vet isn’t licensed in your state. It’s also possible some of the other staff at the clinic aren’t licensed, such as the technicians.

It’s always acceptable to ask to see the staff’s licenses and you can also contact your state board of veterinary medicine for more information.

Better to be safe than sorry, and have that peace of mind.

Cost and Location

Your veterinary clinic needs to be convenient for you and your pet.

This means the cost needs to be in your budget and the clinic needs to be accessible and easy to get to. If you do need to rush your pet to be checked out, you don’t want to have to travel miles and miles.

This is likely to play a large role in deciding which vet you end up going with.

Your Pet’s Health in Good Hands

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