Why Leopard Lizards Are Affordable and Interesting Pets


Whilst many people often think of a dog or cat as a pet, you can also gain a good deal of satisfaction by owning a lizard, chelonian, snake, amphibian, or invert. Certain lizards are especially appealing as they are not high-maintenance pets.

Types of Lizards

Some of the lizards that can be kept as pets include the following:

  • Leopard geckos
  • Crested geckos
  • Gold dust geckos
  • White spot geckos
  • Sand geckos
  • Yemen chameleons
  • Water dragons

The Leopard Gecko: A Popular Lizard in the UK

Many people consider the leopard gecko to be a fantastic choice in a pet as it can be kept in a 75-litre tank without the need for UVB lighting. Nevertheless, you can add it if you so choose. Crested geckos also have a similar requirement. However, you may want to consider the purchase of a bigger tank from an affordable exotic pets shop in Bristol. That is because this arboreal lizard can be rather active at times.

Placid by Nature

By contrast, the leopard gecko is a placid pet. Children love to hold the animals as they do not scamper across their hands. Therefore, a leopard gecko is not naturally aggressive and is an ideal, safe pet to have around children. The lizard also lives a long time, about 20 years overall.


When you look at the leopard gecko’s big, trusting eyes and its vibrant leopard spots, it will melt your heart. Maintenance is easy too as you only need a bulb and heat mat to provide the needed heat. The lizards will eat various insects as well and they should be dusted in a nutritional powder to support continual good health.

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