When You Are Travelling, Give Your Pet a Holiday Too


Research shows that boarding your pet is actually good for its demeanour. So, leaving your dog at a kennel or your feline at a cattery gives each animal a change of scenery whilst you travel. This change of venue often makes a dog or cat feel happy instead of stressed.

Kennels at a Quality Facility

For example, when dogs are housed in quality kennels, they often share a space with one or two other dogs. Each kennel is usually heated and features an adjacent run. This run is entirely covered with a roof. Double kennel units are provided for additional space and comfort.

Boarding Kennel Exercise

When you enrol your dog in a kennel facility too, he or she will be exercised individually. This exercise is conducted at least two times daily and takes place off the lead. The activity area consists of an expansive grass paddock that is safely enclosed.

Your Dog or Cat Must Be Inoculated

If you plan to leave your dog or cat at Swindon boarding kennels and catteries, they need to meet certain requirements regarding inoculation. For example, if you plan to house your dog, you need to make sure your canine companion is fully inoculated and has the required yearly booster injections for such conditions as distemper, hepatitis, and leptospirosis virus.

Meals Are Nutritional and Bespoke

Indeed, all care considerations are fully met at a premium boarding kennel or cattery. For example, pets are prepared nutritional meals that are designed to fit their specific health needs. The only exception are diets that are prescribed by a vet. In these cases, the owner is responsible for the foods that are served to their pet. In addition, medications are administered with all the specific instructions provided by the pet owner.

So, if you want to go on holiday and obtain care for your pet whilst you are away, review the boarding services provided by kennels and catteries in your local area.

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