What can you do to make your dog lose the excess weight?


Animals and human beings even though being different from each other are still a lot alike and that is why some of the diseases occur the same in the others. When we talk about the animals the pets are closer to the human beings and they are more prone to diseases. Like obesity, even though is not a disease is a harmful condition in the human beings so clearly it is the same for your pets like the dogs. You might think that if your dog is getting fat he is getting all healthy but the obesity can lead to other harmful condition is just like it does in the human beings.

Sometimes the dogs get all heavy and obese and that is why they become so lazy which results in getting fat even more and the obesity can lead to the heart problems in your dog so to avoid that kind of situation you need to make your dog lose all that fat and lose weight because if you want your dog to live the healthy lifestyle you don’t want them to be obese and suffer from the heart conditions, Arthritis, High blood pressure, diabetes etc. so making your dog lose the weight can give you a very healthy and active dog which might add a few years to his life.

Following are some of the things that can help with your dog weight loss.

Help your dog burn calories

Helping your dog burn calories is the best thing that you can do to make them avoid getting obese. For that purpose, you should take your dog to the walk and also play with them when you can so this way they will be burning some of the calories and will definitely lose the weight moreover it will also keep them healthy and it.

Low-calorie diet

Getting your dog a diet that have lower calories can help losing weight. You should determine a scale and only a limited amount of calories shall be given to your dog. This way your dog will stay within the calorie limit and can lose a lot of weight.

No food lying around

When you leave the food items lying around that means they have access to the food all the time and without being in your knowledge they eat a lot of the food and that is how they get fat so you need to cut that extra diet of theirs by stop keeping the food lying around and make the schedule when your dog is allowed to eat only.

Avoid giving them raw food

Raw food like the liver and other such meat parts may be easy for you to feed your dog but they may contain harmful bacteria and can lead to weight gain so avoid giving them the raw food instead make sure you are giving them a good and healthy diet with low calories.

So these are some of the things that you can adapt for your dog to lose weight

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