We’re Not Kitten You. These Are The Things Your Cat Needs Right Meow!


Now that you’ve decided to bring a cat to be part of your family, you may want to get some items first before you bring your new furry four-legged feline friend home. There are still a number of things to buy or collect so your cat won’t feel left out and will immediately feel like they’re part of a new family.

Do the cat item shopping a few days in advance before the “big day” so that you’re not going to experience all the stress related to searching for products for your soon-to-be feline friend. Some cat owners will be so excited to bring their new pet home that you’ve forgotten to give them one of the most important items for the pet’s well-being – food. Now that you’ve got a brief idea on what to do, here are some of the items you’ll want to add to your shopping list when searching for suitable products for your cat.


Many cat owners will agree that they can forget to buy everything but the cat food. It’s one of the most important, if not THE most vital product that your feline companion should have. If you’ve just brought a kitten to your home, then know that their food requirements are different from that of an adult cat. The best words to live by when seeking kitten food are “complete and balanced nutrition.” You can usually find these words on the labels of cat food, so you’ll immediately know if it’s safe to feed your cat with these products. On the other hand, feeding an adult cat becomes simpler as compared to giving food to kittens. There are plenty of selections to choose from, such as canned cat food, wet food, and premium dry adult cat food.

Cat Carriers

Do you plan on transporting your cat around town or perhaps bringing them along with you on your travels? Then you’ll need a cat carrier. You can definitely choose a very simple cat carrier like a cardboard variant when bringing a new cat or kitten to your abode. However, do take note that you should eventually replace this with a more durable material just so that your cat won’t scratch it to kingdom come.

Grooming Tools

Even though cats are naturally clean animals because they know how to groom themselves, it doesn’t mean that they don’t require your assistance. In fact, many cat owners swear by the fact that grooming time will be a fine time to bond with your feline companion. You can search for a fine-toothed comb and that’ll already get the job done. However, there are specialized cat combs that can do better than ordinary brushes.

Cat Toys

More often than not, cats will look bored but it doesn’t mean that they don’t love to play. In fact, many cats will love to play around, and this can be your special bonding time for your pet feline. There are toys that’ll enhance interactive play, whereas there are some products that’ll just let your feline family member play to their heart’s content until they get tired and go to sleep.

Now that you know some of the best for your cat, it doesn’t mean that you should stop spoiling them with what they want or need. Remember, your new kitten or adult cat is now part of your family.

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