Tips for Cleaning Dog Tear Signs


Almost every canine owner has to face several problems regarding the health issues and to make their pet look wonderful as well. But all these things require a lot of experience and practice, and if you a new dog owner, and you know nothing about the stuff related to dogs then you might have to face several problems as well.

So there is something for basic that you must to know, and you should know that how to deal with it as well. If you have ever noticed then whenever your dog cries then a black stain is left over that part of your dog’s face. And no doubt these Dog Tear Stains Smell as well, so like every other dog owner you might be looking a way to remove those stains as well.


Usually, these stains occur when there are tears in an excessive amount, and these tears are in reddish colour which is a symptom of some health problem, but researchers have not yet discovered that which health problem has been indicated by that excessive amount of tears. As human tears clear out all the dust from eyes, same is the case with dogs as well, but with a constant flow of tears, there might be a possibility for your dog to dehydrate.

Well, the reason that dog tears are not as clear as human tears are due to Porphyrin which are molecules formed after breaking of red cells. These molecules then exert from dogs body by tears or by urinating. And these molecules are the main reason for Dog tear stains. If those stains are left on your dog’s face for a longer time period then it will be just impossible to remove those stains.

Tearing Cure

Now, first of all, you need to control that excessive tears, and after that try to remove the stains. There might be several reasons behind those tears like if there is some infection in your dog’s eye, or if there is some kind of allergy in his eyes due to dust or any other microparticles. Similarly, there are several other reasons, and in this situation, you need to quickly take your pet to the vet so that he can diagnose the actual reason for those tears. Once the tearing problem has been cured then the next step is to clear out the tear stain as well. So you might end up finding hundreds of different products to remove tear stains from your dog, well you cannot just trust all of them.

Stain Removers

So better is to consult the vet, as he can only suggest you with the best stain remover according to the breed of your pet dog. Because there are certain stain removers that do not leave any effect on certain dog breeds. There are OTC stain removers which have really effective for most of the dog breeds. And the best thing about these stain removers is that antibiotics are already added to them. Besides this, there are some other herbal removers as well which are also really effective.

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