Tips for choosing the right pet insurance


Most insurance companies offer dog and cat free and customized quote online. You specify the name, species, breed, age and circumstances of your pet. This will result in a risk assessment and a proposal to choose between several options with different levels of cover..

Study formulas

Please note there are formulas that reimburse only in case of accident, or only in case of surgery. We do not recommend them. Take a complete package that covers you in case of illness, accident and surgery.
These complete packages, there are different levels of cover and therefore prices.

The “economic” formulas support the costs associated with large seeds: examinations, operations, hospitalization, or other veterinary act incurring significant costs immediately). They are cheaper because they only repay large losses.

The “intermediate” forms also provide the costs associated with benign diseases.
Finally, some “premium” also offers reimbursement for prevention costs: annual checkup, vaccines, pesticides.

Assessing the contribution

According to the formula you choose, the monthly fee can range from simple to double. Pay attention to the possible evolution of this amount may increase over the years.

A franchise

Be careful of the franchise (part not reimbursed and remains at your expense). Each insurance establishes a minimum amount that ranges from 0 to 150 euros. The deductible is applied, based on contracts, by year, by act or by accident.

The reimbursement rate

Of course, the higher the amount of your mutual dog or cat, the higher the reimbursement related to veterinary fees will be optimal. Depending on the package chosen, it can range from 50% to 100%.

Beware of waiting period

One detail that has nonetheless important: the waiting period. It represents the time between the signing of the insurance contract for the animal and its effective outlet. During the waiting period, the animal is not covered by the mutual! This period ranges from 7 days to 180 days depending on contracts.

Adheres to the Charter of veterinarians?

The College of Veterinarians has adopted a charter with the aim to establish better collaboration between veterinarians and animal health professionals in insurance. Indeed, the arrival of the pet insurance in France was marred by abuses among insurers whose contracts lacked transparency. The work of the commission helped restore mutual confidence between the professions and develop insurance for dog or cat.

Insured for life?

Finally, check out the termination conditions contained in the terms and conditions. For most companies, the guarantee in the animal’s life is not assured.

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