Things You Need to Know About Bengal Cats


Bengal kittens are the most sought-after pets in the UK. These special cats are a cross-breed of a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat. The cats are mostly liked for their beauty. If you have been searching for these kittens, you’ve probably realised that they are available for different prices.

How much do Bengal kittens cost?

The difference in price mainly depends on the kitten’s generation. When a domestic cat is cross-bred with an Asian leopard cat, the product is named F1 (generation). When a female F1 is cross-bred with a male Bengal then the product is F2. The cycle continues to F3, F4 and so on. What you need to know is that prices increase as generations become removed. A true Bengal is considered as a Bengal kitten from the fourth generation or F4 downwards.

Besides the generation difference, the price of Bengal cat kittens also depends on gender. Female Bengals are usually more expensive than male ones. A male F1 Bengal is the least expensive of all. This is mainly because F1 males are sterile.

Other factors that may determine the cost are the markings and quality. In appearance, there are Bengals which are more beautiful than others. The markings may be appealing to many hence the high demand. The quality, in terms of health and weight, could also be considered. A well-fed and maintained Bengal cat is likely to cost more than a starving Bengal cat.

Coat types

Bengal cats also vary in coat types. The most common types are spotted, marble, and snow coats. The spotted coats are available in different kinds; leopard, charcoal, and sorrel spotted. Marble coats can also be found in different types; sorrel and Tri-colour marble. Have you seen a snow-coated Bengal? The common snow coated types are charcoal, seal mink, seal sepia and seal lynx point.

Coat types also determine the cost of a Bengal. For instance, the snow-coated Bengals are the rarest type of Bengal. This makes them the most in-demand hence their high price. They are then followed by spotted Bengals. Although marble Bengals are rarer than spotted Bengals, most people demand spotted Bengals.

Bengal care

Although Bengals are appealing, it is important to consider their care. Unlike other pets, these pets may need extra care. Among the essentials you need to buy along with the pet are a pet carrier, litter box, cat tree, cat bed, toys, collar and scratching post.

These are some of the things you need to know before you buy a Bengal cat. From this guide, you can determine the best pet for your home. You can find the best Bengal kittens from a reputable Bengal breeder in the UK.

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