Things to Know About the Matted Car Fur and Its Prevention


Do you have any idea that a single cat has 130,000 hairs per square inch of the body? Are you thinking how to control all these? In most of the cases, cats do this task on their own as they are excellent groomers. But, once in a while, their hair gets strangled and matted. When this situation happens, it is necessary to remove the matted cat fur before it creates lots of problems. If you really do not know how to fix matted cat fur, keep on reading this post to know how to handle this situation and when to call the expert. 

How The Matted Cat Fur Occurs?

The fur of the cat gets matted for various reasons. It happens on certain parts of the body, where there is a lot of movement or rubbing, between legs, under the tail and chest, and around collar portion. Fur mats can also occur on the shoulders and hind regions due to lying down. Shedding is said to be one of the major reasons of matted fur. When the loose hair falls, it gets caught in the fur coat leaving the knots behind. The longer you leave the mats unattended; they will grow even tighter and settle down on the skin. As the clumps get larger, the mats put pressure on the skin, making the animal painful to lie down. 

Does matted cat fur is bad?

Healthy and tangle-free cat fur promotes air movement inside the cat’s skin. But the matted fur damages tissue by preventing the oxygen or moisture from penetrating inside. It furthers lead to dry and scaly skin. When your pet notices this change, it starts to groom and which will increase the amount of hair it ingests, which will further lead to health issues. Another issue that you must notice is the mats that occur on the back of the cat’s legs. As these mats are formed on the back portion, they can trap the urine or feces, further leading to skin irritation. The neglected mats on the cat fur can also become the breeding grounds of parasites. 

How Can You Prevent The Matted Cat Fur?

The longer the hair of your cat, the more will be matting. To stop the fur mat from forming, you must perform regular combing and brushing of the pet. At this time, you should run fingers inside the fur coat to untangle the mat and allow the air to pass through. 

Ho to remove the mat from the cat fur?

If the mat is not too tight or too big, the best way it from the skin is by applying the fingers. Besides, you can use the oil-based detangling spray that will loosen the fur mat. You can also use the mat comb to remove the smaller mats. You should hold the hair below the mat which is close to the skin and separates the tangled fur. While removing the mat, be very gentle so that it does not hurt your cat. 

If you find it difficult o remove the matted fur, you should consult with the professional who provides this particular service at a reasonable price.

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