Things to Know About French Bulldog Playtime


We can all agree that playing with pets is one of the most important and gratifying things about owning them. However, when it comes to French Bulldogs, you should find ways to connect with them, which will come with certain benefits for both sides.

The most common advantages of playing with your French bulldog puppy include:

  • Playing is a great way to build a bond with your puppy.
  • Besides, it is a perfect option for keeping your canine friend active and avoid unhealthy boredom.
  • At the same time, it will keep your friend in an active mind and body, essential for its health.
  • You can teach it more about trust, rules, and social skills throughout the play, which is an important thing to remember.

However, if you wish to benefit from the play, we recommend you to do it consciously and follow a specific set of rules for this particular breed. Activity should be both safe and fun.

Safety Considerations

The first thing you should remember is that safety is one of the most important aspects of playing, so you should consider things further in the article.

Finding Right Toys

It is vital to remember that different breeds require different toys. Therefore, you should observe and check them out before you decide to purchase them along the way.

Learning about safety is highly important, especially if you wish to get them online, which is why you should read helpful articles and reviews that will help you choose the best options available.

Generally, your dog won’t be able to swallow safe toys and break them with ease. You should get something without toxic materials and paints and avoid things with sharp edges for additional enjoyment.

You can find toys from rubber and soft plastic, but they are not suitable due to safety issues. The main reason for that is because they can quickly swallow them. After all, they will break after chewing.

Therefore, if your Frenchie can quickly demolish its toy, we recommend you to choose a sturdy model instead.

Apart from that, the constant chewing may create bubbles or loose parts that your dog can swallow. Remember, eating inappropriate and unhealthy materials can be highly problematic.

Therefore, you should avoid rope toys because as it can rip out the pieces, they will end up in the stomach and cause severe blockages, among other things.

Besides, you should avoid using sticks or branches because it can damage their throat, mouth, and trachea, especially if they catch it while running or improperly. Using suitable toys such as balls is the best way to fetch with your French bulldog.

Even though toys are great for keeping your puppy and adult canine friend in shape, you should choose carefully and pay attention to details while providing it with additional excitement.

That way, you can find a safe option that won’t hurt your dog in the long run. You should check out this link: – toys for your Frenchie to learn more about different toys you can get.

Your Safety Matters

Even though most people are not worried about this particular breed being aggressive because they are popular due to their love and affection, you should avoid games that feature winner experience and food altogether.

We recommend avoiding lying down with your pet because it can lead to confusion and cause the effect of being alpha in front of you. Simultaneously, if your face is close to its teeth, things can go wrong if it becomes excited.

It would be best if you always were taller to avoid confusion that tends to happen with owners that do not think everything through.

Similarly, like other dogs, it is vital to check out different stress indicators. It means that your dog may not feel comfortable throughout the game due to numerous reasons.

Remember to avoid letting your dog bite your arms or hands because it may lead to horrible behavioral issues. Even though it won’t hurt at first, it may end in your dog thinking that it is okay to bite other people as well, which can lead to problems in the future.

As soon as it starts using teeth, you should stop and get it a toy to ensure that biting works only with toys and not with humans.

Another critical thing to remember is that children may get excited while playing with your French bulldog, but they do not know about safety, especially ata young age. Therefore, you need to avoid leaving your children with dogs and supervise the process along the way.

Besides, it would help if you talked with your child about rules regarding playing with French bulldogs because it is essential to ensure their safety.

Avoid Leash Play

Suppose you decide to play with your dog while on a leash is a problematic option due to its numerous safety concerns. If you do not have enough space to let your French bulldog run around, you should avoid it altogether.

Instead, you should keep it simple: walk while on a leash and play while inside. It doesn’t matter if you have a long leash because it is unsafe for your dog to let it play.

For instance, most people tend to connect the leash to a collar, which means that they can get a severe neck strain and injury due to playing.

Where Should You Play?

It doesn’t matter if you wish to play with Frenchie’s outside or indoors, because you should think about the environment.

When choosing outdoor play areas, you should pay attention to a few things: bodies of water, steep slopes, traffic, trash, broken glass, and barbed wire.

It would be best to understand that playing next to heavy traffic and roads can lead to severe issues due to excitement.

However, if you wish to play with a French bulldog indoors, you should choose locations and activities based on your environment.

Therefore, you should avoid hard and slippery surfaces. Simultaneously, do not let your dog get too wild during pulling and throwing games because the chances are high that it will slip or slide around, which may lead to joint issues.

As a result, you should find an area of your home which is safe, but you should always be aware of everything around you beforehand.

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