The Truth About doTERRA Essential Oils and Pets


This is a very controversial topic about essential oils and whether or not they are toxic to our pets. In this era of viral posts where everyone wants to have something to add on various subjects, without knowing it, it has created much confusion that we must clear up.

For this reason, Dr. Google is not exactly the best source of information. The use of essential oils is proven to be an asset for your life and that of your animals.

Before using any product near your pets, it is important to realize that not all oils are the same and although many indicate that they are “100% Pure” the truth is that many have substances that could prove to be toxic. You should avoid toxic or chemical based substances. This is also true for several other products that we often don’t remember, including candles, air freshener sprays, cleaning products and odor eliminating sprays. To ensure the best quality of your oils, know that you can count on doTEERRA essential oils for cats.

Now let’s demystify many of the myths and find out the info on these essential oils and our pets.

Myth: Using a diffuser to diffuse essential oils to the feet of animal is toxic.

TRUTH: The essential oils are compounds distilled from a plant, is highly concentrated and has an intense aroma. For this reason, essential oils are quite potent. Animals (Cats and Dogs) have many more millions of olfactory receptors when compared to a human. This ability makes them more sensitive to strong smells, but that does not make the aroma toxic.

Myth: Never pet your pet after using essential oils.

TRUTH: Giving parties to your animals is a good way to apply essential oils. Beside the spine or at the tip of the ears is one of the best points.

Herein lies the origin of this myth: Following using oils, the aroma can remain in your hands. And yes, it has happened to us all, scratching your eyes after applying. Ouch! The same is true for kurilian bobtails. Any residue in your hands can cause the same reaction in them as it would create in you.

The oils are instable, which implies that they dissipate quickly into the air and are easily absorbed by the skin. This means that even if you have the aroma now in your hands, it will not stay there for long.

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