The Prime of Their Life: Preserving Your Dog’s Youth With a Healthy Lifestyle


You may have just adopted a puppy or a teenage dog. A decade or more of love and fun are upon your family. Dogs can live as long as 15 or 20 years, depending upon their breed and overall care. To improve your dog’s quality of life, take a close look at how you can preserve its youth. Simple adjustments are all that are necessary.

Invest in Food

There are probably hundreds of different dog foods on the market today. As a dog owner, you may not realize that your choice of food makes a huge difference in the pup’s energy levels, health and overall satisfaction. Ideally, look for a dog food that’s free from fillers. Grains tend to be the main fillers, for example.

Read over the food’s label so that you can see the percentages of protein, vegetables and fruits. A natural and grain-free diet is optimal for dogs. You might notice a shinier coat and fewer physical issues with the proper dog food at home. Discount foods equate to junk food in the dog’s world. You want quality food that nourishes their bodies.

Keep up With Exercise

Your dog will gain weight with any food unless it receives the proper amount of exercise. Open up your yard to the pup. Allow it to run around for most of the day. Verify that the fencing is safe enough for the pup too. Any escape plans should be thwarted with strong fences and filled-in soil.

As a bonding alternative, take the pup out on exciting walks. Head out to the park or explore a trail together. This exercise is good for both of you. You’ll both have a healthier body at the end of the day.

Fight Off Pests

Your active pup will probably pick up a few fleas as it enjoys the great outdoors. Keep it protected with a flea collar or serum. In fact, you can buy dog products online so that there’s no need to visit a storefront.

Order your items before you run out at home. Keeping up with flea control is the best way to fight off any itchy situations. Allowing the pup to scratch and claw at its fur will only create problems. Fleas can also carry diseases that should be kept at bay for the good of the dog’s health.

Investigate Behavioral Issues

If your dog is normally well behaved but starts to act aggressive, it’s time to investigate the issue. Behavioral issues may have simple answers, but the professionals must make a determination. The dog might be fighting a parasite or disease. Their nutrient needs may not be met. Most dogs have a steady temperament unless extreme circumstances are involved. Be diligent about caring for the pup so that any changes are obvious. They may simply need a good, flea bath or orthopedic bed to solve their issues.

Consider Nutrients Into Older Age

Think about the nutrients that your dog might require as it reaches the senior years. Dogs with a few extra pounds may have joint issues. Look for food or supplements that offer joint-related nutrients. Online stores have many choices, which gives you a chance to compare products. Dogs that receive the proper nutrients in their senior years will appear more youthful than other pups. If you’re not sure about the right nutrients for your pet, ask your veterinarian about possible needs. Every dog will have a unique need as they grow older.

Your veterinarian is one of the most important people in your dog’s life. Be sure to choose a professional who you feel comfortable with on a regular basis. Visit the vet at least once a year in order to keep up with shots and necessary tests. With all of these precautionary measures, your pup will grow to a very old age.

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