The Pet Practice refers to a purposeful structured veterinary surgery clinic. It is strategically located, allowing clients to access it with ease. The clinic was opened in February 2016 by a selfless person, Dr. Nadine Gruenthal. After spending years working in prominent in Perth,

Nadine was motivated to start a boutique clinic equipped with the modern fresh vibe. She wanted to concentrate on providing patients with the most updated care while maintaining a good rapport with her clients. Her intention is to ensure that each and every person feels part and parcel of Pet Practice Family.

The hospital has the necessary equipment for handling pets. For instance, it has modern and friendly consultation rooms. This makes the pet happy and relaxed during examination or visits to the clinic. In addition, the clinic has state of the art surgical suite from where surgeries are performed. The sites for surgeries are tidy and sterile with modern equipment.

The x-ray machine is digital and new, giving out clear images of the pet. Still, there is an ultrasound machine that allow for pregnancy ultra-sounds along with other diagnostic ultra-sounds when the condition demands so.

If the pet deserves to be admitted in the hospital for specialized treatment, be sure it will be in the right hands. All the facilities for various sick animals are available in the hospital and the pets will be provided with the best veterinary care ever. Moreover, there are enough analytic and laboratory tests that permit screening of pets for various illnesses. The blood testing equipment allows for instant results to be obtained.

The Pet Practice provides the best services in Perth. The following is a brief overview of the services offered in this regard.


The clinic has been structured in a way that makes it an all-inclusive reproduction clinic. The clinic has its own in-house progesterone analysis machine, giving the results in one and a half hours. Since the hormone is secreted when the pet is in season, determining its level in the blood allows for interpretation of the things happening in the oocytes during ovulation.

Artificial Insemination

Manual insemination. Within the Manual Al, the semen is gathered from the male pet and the catheter implanted into the female vagina. The sperm is then placed directly into the vagina when it finds its way to the uterus for fertilization.

Trans-cervical Insemination. The approach employs an endoscope and camera to place semen straight into the semen. This is considered the most effective method of insemination.

Surgical Insemination. This involves a minor surgery where a bitch is anesthetized to introduce semen directly into the uterus.

Cesarean Sections. The Pet Practice provide services for both emergency and elective C-sections. Your pet will be provided with the best care to facilitate safe delivery.


Pets may suffer from a number of dental disorders. This is one aspect you need to be very critical about. The clinic is well equipped to handle dental complications your pet may be plagued with. The anesthesia used will ensure that there is any pain when the treatment course is initiated.

Diagnostic and Laboratory Testing

The clinic is well equipped in this regard. It has one of the best laboratories in the country with all the necessary and modern facilities. The Pet Practice provides all the diagnostic and laboratory examinations. Your pet will be screened for a number of illnesses. There are a blood test machines within the clinic that guarantees instant results.

The Pet Practice Veterinary Clinic offers expert vet care for pets including consultations and surgery. The mission of the clinic is to avail quality and professional animal care within a quite supportive as well as informative setting that will impart a home feeling to your home. Besides, pets are viewed as significant members of the family, and therefore each one of them is accorded treatment with great love and care.

As a clinic boutique clinic, they work to ensure patients are accorded the best care ever whilst maintaining a firm personalized with all customers. As mentioned in the preceding section, the Pet Practice is well equipped with modern facilities and therefore pets can be comprehensively observed and evaluated. Apart from offering treatments to patients, respective owners are given jam-packed facts on how to take care of their pets.

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