The Most Unique Way to have Your New Puppy Shopped Home


There is a unique way of shipping your puppy. It is called Citizen Shipper. You simply post just about any type of shipment; from the new pet to things that are not pet related. But with the pet, fill out the “Post a Shipment” form and then you will begingetting quotes almost instantly from customer reviewed drivers with background checks completed on all. Be sure to let us know what you would like to have shipped, like your puppy and other details, and then choose pick-up and drop-off locations.

You also have the option to post photos of your pet, add descriptions, any special instructions, or the due dates the puppy needs to arrive. As soon as the information on your puppy shipment is posted, drivers will state sending quotes for you to review. CitizenShipper sends an email for every bid that is new.

Select your driver

As soon as you post your shipment, drivers start quote submission for you to appraisal. You will get an email with each quote that is submitted. You check out the profile of the driver and review by clicking on the name in the quotes you receive. You can select the first quote that arrives and get your puppy shipping going as quickly as possible or hold for more quotes to see if one arrives that is more cost effective. Most shipments should be sent within a week of posting. The timing of choice is all up to you. You can pick your driver by hitting the “Select Driver” link that is in the details of shipment page on the CitizenShipper display, or by following the link that will be provided in each email.

Delivery is confirmed

Once delivery is confirmed, you will have the chance to let us know how you like the CitizenShipper and how well the driver was. Was he on time? Did they communicate well? And did your puppy arrive in good shape?


Reviews are important for both shippers and drivers. When you share experiences, the best drivers float to the top and neighbours know whom to pick for their next shipment.

The best part of this type of delivery for pets is that they have a companion look out for them during the ride and are not left alone.

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