The Importance of Professional Dog Training Courses and How to Pick a Great Local Trainer


As we shower our furry little companions with love and affection each day, many of us forget the importance of ensuring that they are well trained, well behaved, and well-adjusted to life outside of the home.

It’s worth mentioning that you are not alone, however, because more than 51% of dog owners believe that their canines are “properly trained and obedient”, but over 75% of dogs in the UK never receive any form of targeted training beyond learning how to sit and stay.

What Are the Indicators of a Poorly Trained Dog?

Even if your dog seems to be very friendly with family members and perhaps with other in-home animals, you still have to pay attention to the warning signs of a disobedient, defiant personality lying beneath the surface:

  • Sporadic aggression, particularly with food, toys, children, or unfamiliar dogs
  • Incessant, continuous barking even after being reprimanded
  • Relentless jumping or mounting on other people
  • Ignoring commands even after several vocal repetitions from the master
  • Constant leash pulling with an inability to “heel” or walk behind you

Many of us view our pups as our children, which is why we tend to ignore these warning signs and reluctantly attribute them to temperament or individuality. But it’s important to note that these issues (and many others) can be fixed in a methodical, non-invasive fashion; all you need to do is find a reputable local dog trainer.

How Can I Find a Trustworthy Dog Trainer?

If you’re ready to learn how to control and effectively guide your canine, you’ll want to ascertain a local dog training school in Great Notley that can tout the following aspects:

  • Recommended by local veterinarians
  • Rated as a top business by the ThreeBestRated platform
  • Specialty in force-free reward-based training
  • One-on-one instruction
  • Home visits
  • Behaviour consultations
  • Litter temperament testing
  • Readily available class schedule including courses for puppies, adult dogs, and nervous canines

In as little as two or three sessions, you’ll begin to see incredible improvements in your dog and you’ll be able to suppress any negative behaviours for years to come.

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