The Importance of Health Checkups for Your Dogs


If you have dogs in your home, you may pamper them as well as take care of them. Since the pet is an important part of your life, then its health is also important. This means not only taking him out for a walk, giving them a good and balanced diet and treating them with toys etc., you should also notice when your dog is fit and active or not. To keep your pet active and fit, it is advisable to take him to the nearby vet every few weeks to ensure that your dog is healthy and has no issues that will make him fall sick.

Why to Avail Health Checkups for Dogs?

Most of us have health check-ups quite often, so why not the dogs? Preventive measures are very crucial for the dogs just like their owners. Health check-ups help to detect the diseases at an early stage which will further help you to save money and headache in the long run. Just your car need to change oil or parts inspections once in a while, it is also a good practice to take your dog to the vet quite often to make sure that your pet is in good condition and everything is going smoothly. Often dogs do not show symptoms about their health issues, so it is better to have professional help.

What You Can Expect From a Health Check-Up Routine

During the physical examinations of your pet, the vet will also ask some questions about the overall eating habits and the lifestyle of the dog. The expert will also do some regular measurements like the weight and length ratio and also check the pulse. The annual dog health check is very important for the owners and the dogs. You can ask a question to the vet regarding any concerns you have, and you can also take suggestions and advice from the professional regarding how you can keep your pet safe.

What Are Included In The Medical Checkups?

Most of the veterinary hospitals recommend an annual health check for the dogs. One human year is equal to 7 cats or dog years. So, a lot can happen in the lives of these animals within a year. The vets also suggest giving an annual vaccination to the pet during the health check-ups. The annual health check-ups include the complete ‘nose to tail’ examination that involves the eye and ear examination, coat examination, lung and heart check, abdominal palpitation, muscle and joint examination and also an assessment of the body’s current condition.

Through these check-ups, the doctors can have an idea about the current health condition of the pet and suggest the right treatment to solve the issue on time. These treatments help to prevent fungal infections of pets, heartworm and flea infection. When you are visiting the vet, make sure to choose the one who has several years of working experience in this field. Make a prior appointment so that the vet has enough time to check your pet.

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