The Importance of Dog Walking


Because dogs are social animals, it is important that they receive daily exercise. You simply cannot leave your dog inside all day, as doing so will lead to boredom or, in some cases, chaotic behaviour. Dogs need to be exercised to stay healthy and mentally alert.

Exploring the Outside World

Having your dog walked is also a way for your dog to learn how to socially interact with other dogs and people. Walking increases a dog’s confidence level so he is not afraid to make new friends. Just like a child, you dog wants to explore the world. If he is confined to the house for too long, he can become destructive. Your canine friend depends on you to make it possible for him to investigate the outside world.

A dog explores the world by regarding the smells, sights, and sounds around him. Walking allows him to have this opportunity. Dog walkers in Kent cite that dogs who are walked are healthier, behave better, socialise more easily, and receive better care. After all, just like humans, dogs need routine and consistent exercise to live healthy and long lives. In addition, many health problems in a dog’s life can be alleviated or prevented if they are exercised regularly.

How Long Should a Dog Be Walked?

Dogs should be walked, in total, an hour per day. Ideally, dog walking should be done three times per day, 20 minutes at a time. If this is not possible, it is important to make sure that a dog obtains at least an hour of exercise.

When dogs are regularly walked, the experience leaves them a good type of tired. That is because a tired dog is a good dog. Regular walks release the excess energy that can lead to behavioural difficulties. By having your dog walked, he is less inclined to chew, bite, bark, or use the bathroom indoors. If anything, those are the perfect reasons to add regular walks into your dog’s daily schedule.

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