Should You Give Your Dog Vitamins?


Dog vitamins aren’t really that much different from humans vitamins in the sense that they will give your dog some much needed nutrients that they might otherwise be lacking in their regular diet.

However, not everyone is convinced on whether dogs really need vitamins in the first place. If you think your dog is healthy and you’re already feeding him a good balanced diet, you may be wondering if you really need to give him a dog multivitamin along with his regular food. Sure, if your dog is already having a balanced diet multivitamins might not be needed, but it doesn’t hurt to supplement with some of the essentials for healthy eyes, teeth, and coat.

But for all dogs (even healthy ones) you should take a look at what they’re already eating because a lot of dog treats will already contain additional vitamins and minerals as part of the overall ingredients.

If you unsure whether you should be giving vitamins to your dog it might be worth a quick visit to your local veterinarian. He will most likely ask a few questions regarding your dogs diet and will give him a once over to make sure all is okay and in most cases they will also recommend certain types of vitamins for your dog that will be the most beneficial.

What Vitamin Might Your Dog Need?

Different breeds, weight and diets will determine the best multivitamins for your dog to take. Just like humans dogs have varied lifestyles, some are couch potatoes while others are full of energy and love playing fetch and going on long walks. Each dogs’ lifestyle and overall fitness should be taken into consideration before you start to supplement their diet – again, double check with your veterinarian. Unlike other animals, dogs aren’t deficient, as a species, in any one single vitamin or mineral.

There are various types of vitamins that your dog can take and some of the more popular over the counter option are Omega- 3 fish oils, probiotics, and general all-in-one multi- options.

Again, because supplements or vitamins can greatly affect your dog’s health you should always consult with your local veterinarian and explain the all of the food and dog treats you’re feeding your K9 buddy, so together both you and your vet can decide on the best course of action.

What to Do if Dog Vitamins Are Prescribed

If your local veterinarian suggests a good vitamin or supplement, you’ll want to double check with them how to get your dog will get the vitamin into their system. If the vitamin is in pill form a good way to get your dog to ingest it is to put the pill or liquid into your dog’s food. Your dog will be hungry at feeding time and will most probably just scoff down their food and not even notice the additional vitamin hidden inside.

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