Safe DIY Remedies For Sick Pets (Plus Which to avoid)


Your pet might not need to go to the emergency room just because it is throwing up or has a pumpkin-shaped face. I’ll talk about three common pet health problems, how you can treat them at home, and when you should take your pet to an emergency vet.

Puss filled inflammation

These painful, pus-filled sores are common in dogs with many furs. Whether the sore is from allergies or bug bites, when your dog licks it, the problem starts. Bacteria can grow when water stays on a dog’s skin. Use grooming clippers to cut the hair around the wound, but don’t get too close, or you’ll give your dog a razor burn. First, wet a piece of terry cloth or gauze and wipe the spot. Before putting on antibiotic ointment, the wound must be dry. Use Domeboro’s solution or a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar twice or thrice daily. Just do what it says. Use a wet cloth or a spray bottle to put on the solution. Your dog must wear an Elizabethan collar, a “funnel hat,” to keep him from licking and starting the cycle.

To ease stomach pain

Many people take their pets to the emergency vet because they are throwing up. When I ask these people what happened, they usually say they fed the animal again after it threw up. Stop! Pets with gastroenteritis (inflammation of the intestines or stomach that causes diarrhea and vomiting) should drink water for at least 12 hours unless they. People should be given Pepcid AC. See a vet if you don’t know how much to feed your pet. After the fast, give him bland food like a boiled chicken without the skin or fat for a dog or tuna in water for a cat.

Allergic reaction

If the situation weren’t so bad, it would be funny if your dog returned puffed up and scared. Dogs can be allergic to bug bites, plants, mulch treated with chemicals, cleaning their carpets, or getting a shot. Small amounts of Benadryl can help dogs. Do not give your pet anything until you have talked to your vet. He will keep getting hives as long as he scratches.

Be worried if the vet treats the lump and it doesn’t go down or up. If your pet has trouble breathing, you should take it to the ER. Allergic cats exist, and they get smaller instead of bigger. At this point, it is essential to have pet insurance to ensure that anytime you need to see a vet, you will be able to. It is advisable to Call the vet right away if your cat throws up or pees after getting an injection.

What home cures are not vetted as acceptable

We don’t want to take any risks by giving our pets toxic home remedies we found on the Internet. People who use milk, peanut butter, vegetable oil, or table salt are doing it wrong. It will help if you don’t use these things until you’ve talked to your vet. Even if your pet just drank milk… It might work, or it might not. Sources with knowledge, like your vet, can give you information like:If the thing they ate was poisonous, what the cure is, and if they need to or should throw up. When researching online, you need to distinguish between good and wrong information.

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