Puppy Feeding Guidelines For First Time Owner


No one can stay away from cute and innocent puppies. You will lose track of time once you start playing with these furry friends. But before you choose to get a puppy, make sure that you look at the responsibilities that will come along with it.

You need to know the right ways to look after your puppy so that they grow up being healthy and fit. This article aims to provide you with sufficient knowledge about the ways you should feed your puppy. Keep reading to know everything in detail.

Help Your Puppy To Deal With Separation

A puppy should never be separated from its siblings and mothers before six to eight weeks after its birth. For the puppy, the mother’s milk is extremely crucial in the initial days as it provides vital antibodies and nutrients. Playtime with its siblings builds a solid framework for the social behaviour of your puppy in the future.

Separating a puppy early can cause behavioural issues like tail chasing, excessive barking, and decreases the ability to learn, along with poor physical health.

Moreover, when the puppy is two to four weeks, it is advised that some solid food is given to it. Mix three-fourth of the food and one-fourth of water to make it easy for the puppy to digest. When the puppy gets used to solid food, it becomes easy for it to adjust to the new food habits. This is when they are ready to be separated.

People can feed their puppy with homemade food but make sure that you follow the recipe given by the nutritionists so that they have a nutritious and healthy diet. If you feel that it is too much, you can always choose commercial food like dry dog food for your puppy. Some companies provide you with good quality puppy foods which are sustainable for the development and growth of the puppies.

How To Feed

Make sure that you always feed your puppy with your hand. This has plenty of benefits, the first being that the puppy will slowly identify as the provider and will form a level of respect for you. This small gesture will also help you create an amazing bond with your puppy. Also, the feeling of hand will control the dog from being violent and possessive in the future.

When To Feed

It is advised by the experts that you feed your puppy every day at the same time. You must fix a schedule and provide your pet with good quality puppy dog food after every twenty to thirty minutes. This way, they will be accustomed to relieve themselves before the next meal and you would know when to take them to the designated place for excretion.

Some people tend to keep food in the dog bowl all day and they refill it when the bowl is empty without keeping track. This type of feeding will make your dog overweight and they will have health issues in the future.

If you are planning to get a new furry member in your family, give them the proper atmosphere and food. Make sure that you are ready to take the responsibility and can provide them with love, attention and care.

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