Preventative Healthcare for Pets


Much like humans, cats, dogs and other domesticated animals can receive preventative healthcare from an early age, which would continue throughout the animal’s life. Whether a kitten or a puppy, your pet should have their first vet visit at around 6-8 weeks old, when they would be registered, examined and a file is created. Fortunately, there is 24-hour veterinary care in Gloucester, should there ever be an emergency, and the vet would recommend annual health checks as a form of preventative healthcare.

  • The Right Vaccinations – Your cat or dog should receive recommended vaccinations; something your vet would discuss with you during the initial visit. Several core vaccines can be administered at 6-8 weeks old, and with scheduled boosters, the vaccination timeline might take up to one year.
  • A Balanced Diet – A mixture of canned and dry food should give your pet all the nourishment they need, and there are lots of free resources online to help you learn about your breed, and suitable food items.
  • Adequate Exercise – Especially important for large breed dogs. Your choice of breed should reflect your lifestyle, and with daily excursions that tire him out, your dog will have all the exercise he needs. Smaller breeds obviously need less exercise, and if you are in doubt, ask your vet.

The annual health check-up will ensure your pet is healthy, and with the help of your vet, preventative healthcare will keep treatment to a minimum. It is a good idea to take out some form of insurance for your pet, with either basic emergency cover, or a comprehensive plan that covers all expenses.

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