Pet care in winters: Ways to keep your cat healthy and happy


With the holiday season arriving, it is time for you to curl up in a warm blanket with a book accompanied by your pet. And if your pet is a cat, you would already know about heat-seeking tendencies. Your cat will look around for warm spots during the balmy winter, whether it is a windowsill, sun-puddle, or even dried up laundry.

Like any human being, a cat also faces problems while transitioning to lower temperatures. Your cat will depend on you to make their surroundings warm and comfortable. Here are some easy tips to keep your pet cat healthy and happy during the winter holiday season:

A warm and well-fed cat

Winter means your cat will spend most of its time finding a nice cozy spot to take a nap. If you can’t find your cat, you can bet that it would be in some warm place inside the house. You can let your cat sleep around spots like the fireplace, baseboard heaters, and stove. Also, provide your cat with space where it can absorb sunlight during the balmy winter. Another factor to keep your cat safe, warm, and clean is to keep a dust-free and non tracking cat litter box to eliminate any odor from the house. The non-tracking litter box provides more absorption, hence keeping your cat dry and its surroundings clean. It is also is gentle enough that its clumps won’t hurt their soft paws.

As for feeding your cat, set up a meal routine for it. It requires managing playtimes at the right time during the day hours. Help your cat engage in vigorous activities before mealtime. Feed it grain-free food. Your cat will spend around 30 to 60 minutes in grooming after having the meal, leading to a nice deep nap. To keep your cat healthy, remove the leftover food within 30 minutes. Since the air inside the house will be dry during winter, make sure your cat has access to fresh water all the time.

Cat-friendly furniture

Cats are wild creatures, and they can be bored in our homes if they can’t hunt, explore, or make their territory in the house. To fill in the cat’s curiosity, invest in a condo for your cat. Having a condo means your cat will have its territory. Your cat will climb, scratch, sit, and be a wild little feline. Try to buy a taller condo because cats love to observe and survey the territory from high up like an overlord!

Make your living space cat friendly

After you have invested in a nice little condo for your cat, don’t just abandon it in a basement. Placement of a cat condo is very crucial as having territory is essential for a cat. Ideally, it would be best to keep the cat condo or cat tree in a space that is a hub of activity. Place the cat tree or condo right next to the living room window. It will offer two advantages to your cat. First, your cat can enjoy your company when you are in the living room. Second, your cat will have access to cat TV, the outdoor scenery when you aren’t around. You can add more entertainment for your cat by having a bird feeder hung in the front yard.

Cuddle with your cat

There is a stereotype about cats that they are not as affectionate as dogs. Write off this stereotype as cats love spending time with people they adore. You will find your cat cuddling on your lap for hours. While your cat is on your lap, stroke, talk and brush your cat. If your cat makes eye contact with you, slowly blink your eyes as it builds trust with your feline.

Cat toys are important

You can’t spend all your time with your cat, but it must have some activity to stay active and happy. It is where investing in interactive toys for your cat is essential. Several toys such as a treat puzzle toy, a cat laser toy, an electronic cat toy with a feather that rotates keep your cat engrossed in stimulating activities.

Catnip to the rescue

Spice up the life of your cat with catnip, especially if your cat is a catnip fan. Catnip is a great way to encourage your cat to play more. You can also use catnip to enforce the use of specific things such as a new cat condo or cat tree. Keep things interesting for your cat by rubbing catnip on the cat tree. You can also purchase catnip scented toys for your cat to increase its playtime. However, make sure that you do not overuse catnip as cats can get easily bored.

Spice up a cat’s life with a variety

You can spice up the life of your cat by bringing in a variety daily. Alter the treats of your cat or move its condo. Spend personal time with your cat by reading to it. It will reduce boredom for your cat. You will be surprised to witness a spark in your cat by playing either animal or bird music.

Final Words

Cats are very affectionate despite what the stereotypes say. So, show your cat some love and warmth by providing it with a safe and stimulating environment. Keep scratchy toys around your cat, let it nap on your lap, and combine the above-given tips to make your feline a happy chirpy creature.

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