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Innovative Ways to Reduce the Anxiety of Your Pet Dog

Dogs and humans share many similarities. Like people, dogs are also prone to stress and anxiety triggers. Here are some innovative ideas to help your furry companion keep their anxiety at bay. 

Most people consider their dogs as a precious part of their families. It is not a strange practice because these pets are very loyal and affectionate to their masters. Dogs enjoy the time that they have with their human companions. That is why they may develop separation anxiety when their masters are away.

Like humans, anxiety is also a part of a dog’s system. Their anxiety has many triggers. It could be a new situation presented to them, loud noises, or separation from their masters. Anxious dogs manifest telltale signs. These include pacing, panting, whimpering, or howling. In some cases, dogs show aggressive behavior and even forget their potty-training skills. Here are some ways to help your pet cope with anxiety.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a trending ingredient in the wellness industry nowadays. There may be some confusion with its cousin component, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This is a psychoactive compound. Studies show that CBD has many beneficial effects. It helps in managing pain, stabilizing mood, inducing sleep, and calming anxiety.

If your pet is showing anxiety, you can try CBD pet products that come in the form of treats or drops. These supplements can help to release serotonin which will help them to calm down. As with other supplements, it is best to consult your veterinarian for the right dosage.

Be Consistent with Routine

One reason why a dog gets anxious is the inconsistency in its routine. Dogs learn to expect some activities like their walks outside. Canines do this routine either for exercise or to relieve themselves. They also look forward to their masters coming home. They are sticklers for their mealtimes. When some of these things show a degree of alteration, dogs can get stressed and anxious.

Thus, their human companion must try to stick with routines as much as possible. If time permits, you can also throw in some extra time for more exercise. Physical activities let dogs release pent-up energy. They also help release endorphin which boosts the feeling of pleasure.

Provide a Sanctuary

A dog’s anxiety may escalate in situations new for them. For example, they may feel stressed when you have a visitor that they are not familiar with. Another trigger of their anxiety is loud noises such as fireworks.

For both situations, it is best to bring them to a place in your house where they feel safe to do their thing. You can surround them with familiar sights and sounds. You can also create an area with little to no stimulation.

This will give them the chance to quiet down. In this sanctuary, they can unwind and get back to their old happy self. Never mind if your visitor would not see your dog’s new tricks. Also, your dog will appreciate it if you would not include them in watching fireworks.

Massage and Cuddle for Comfort

Most breeds of canines crave physical touch. Cuddling, petting, picking them up or stroking their fur comfort them. You do not have to do anything grand to show that you are there with them during their stressful moment. This technique works in situations like when they are about to get their shots. Sometimes, though, you do not have to wait for a stressful situation to happen. Lavishing them with lots of cuddles will help them to stay in a calm and happy mood.

A more elaborate approach to touch therapy is giving your pet a massage. Like humans, you may also find some stress points in your dog’s body. A massage will soothe their muscles and help them release their tension. You can even treat your pet to an afternoon of spa treatments.

Let Calming Coats Do the Trick

Calming coats are an innovation in the pet industry. These are wraps that work almost the same way as swaddles do to babies. They apply mild but constant pressure on the dog’s torso, helping to reduce their fear. These wraps provide a secured cocoon and the vibrations are like calming hugs.

A pet owner must make sure that they got the right size for their pets and it is properly worn. Also, calming coats are best advised for 1 to 2 hours use only.

Give Your Pet an Auditory Treat

Another similarity between humans and canines is their inclination to music. Dogs relax when they have some music as background. This technique can help during travels. Some dogs show anxiety when traveling because of unfamiliar stimuli. Music can help block noises from the road that may startle your dog. Research shows that most dogs prefer classical music. Whip out those Mozart and Beethoven and let your furry companion enjoy the notes.

Treating anxiety in dogs can help your pet have a brighter perspective. Prolonged exposure to stress and anxiety may affect their general health. Like humans, your pet’s mental health matters, too.

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How to Attract Birds to Your Yard: 9 Helpful Tips

Did you know that there are an estimated 200 to 400 billion birds on earth? However, bird species are declining rapidly with 14% of all birds expected to become extinct by 2100.

Are you interested in helping the bird population in your own backyard? Learn how to attract birds to your yard with the tips in the guide below. Keep reading to learn what they are.

  1. Use Bird Feeders

Adding bird feeders to your yard is one of the best ways to start seeing more birds. If birds can come to your yard to get their food each day, they’re more likely to keep visiting you.

Consider adding a few different styles of feeders to attract different kinds of birds. If you want to learn how to attract birds to a bird feeder you need to consider using different types of food too. Some birds prefer seeds while others prefer mealworms.

While some birds feel more comfortable going to a feeder high in the trees others prefer eating on the ground. Make sure to keep your feeders clean by throwing out old seeds and washing them as much as possible.

  1. Add Some Native Plant Species

Creating a natural environment is one of the best ways to attract birds. Having a few trees, bushes, shrubs, and flowers will help birds find shelter. They feel protected from predators and find space to nest in this type of environment.

Planting trees that grow berries, nuts, or seeds provide food and shelter for many species of birds. Make sure you’re only using native species to your region so that you don’t disrupt the local ecology.

  1. Keep Your Grass a Little Longer

A well-manicured lawn might look aesthetically pleasing but it won’t feel very inviting to native birds. While you don’t have to let your grass look unkempt, you’ll benefit from letting it grow a little longer.

More grass serves as protection for birds as they search for seeds they can eat in your grass. Allowing your grass to grow along with some native plant species can also help maintain a healthy population of native insects.

These insects are necessary for birds to feed their young and will keep them coming back to your yard.

  1. Add a Few Bird Baths

Adding bird baths to your yard is another way to attract more birds. Birds need water to drink and bathe themselves so a birdbath is a perfect way to provide that for them.

Birds are curious creatures and installing a source of moving water is one way to learn how to attract birds to a birdbath. You can add a mister or circulating pump to your birdbath. You can also consider adding a waterfall for even more attention from local birds.

Make sure to keep the water clean by changing it every day so the birds always have access to refreshing, clean water.

  1. Install Birdhouses Too

Birdhouses are another way to provide shelter for birds and get more of them to visit your backyard. Birdhouses allow birds to create their nests without the fear of predators reaching their eggs.

The size of the entrance will determine what kind of birds uses your birdhouses. While not all birds use birdhouses to create their nests many of them do.

Wondering how to attract birds to a birdhouse? Consider leaving brush piles around your yard with leaves and twigs. Birds use these materials to create their nests.

  1. Avoid Chemicals

Many of the chemicals used in pesticides are both harmful to the environment and the animals in it. These chemicals can be toxic for birds so avoiding them is best.

While you might be worried about pest and weed infestations, birds are a natural form of pest control. Birds eat insects and seeds that fall from the plants in your yard and in doing this help contain the population of insects and growth of weeds.

  1. Birds Like Bright Colors

Another way to attract birds is by using bright colors in your yard. Birds are attracted to these colors and are more likely to visit your home if you provide lots of colors for them to see.

Red is one popular color for birds, consider choosing a red bird feeder. Orange and yellow are other bright colors known to attract birds, so you can choose to add these colors to your outdoor decor.

You can also choose native plants that come in a variety of bright colors to increase the number of birds visiting your yard.

  1. Perching Sticks Work Too

Birds need time to rest and preen their feathers. While they can do this in trees or shrubs in your backyard, you should consider a few perching sticks too.

These perching sticks can provide additional places for birds to stop and rest. Once they’ve taken the time to survey the scene they might feel more comfortable flying up to the bird feeders you’ve installed too.

You can purchase perching sticks in bright colors to more easily attract birds to your yard.

  1. Make Sure to Squirrel Proof

Learn how to attract birds to your garden by squirrel-proofing it too. Squirrels might take over the bird feeders by scaring the birds away and eating all the food you’ve left out for them.

You can add a wire mesh around your bird feeders to help keep the squirrels away. Another option is to add grease to the bird feeder pole to keep squirrels from climbing up.

Learn How to Attract Birds to Your Yard With These Tips

Learn how to attract birds to your yard by following the tips in the guide above. Installing bird feeders and birdbaths to provide food and water are some of the best ways to attract more birds.

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How to Keep a Healthy and Happy Cat

If you have a cat, you will know how rewarding the experience can be. This article focuses on how cat food, treats and toys will keep your cat healthy and happy on a daily basis. It might be easier for you to do this than you think.

Pet your cat

Of course, life with a pet cat is much more than belly tickling. It is important to know how to keep him happy and content on a regular basis. An important part of this process is his monitoring for any unusual behavior. If the cat is in the wrong, it can be difficult to know what is wrong. After all, he can’t tell you. If you suddenly stop eating your food, for example, you know there is a reason for this. You could have bad teeth. It might be a minor stomach upset that will go away in no time and revert to a professional cat food plan. However, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary like this, so you can get your vet’s advice as soon as possible.

Making sure your cat is not bored

Another point worth thinking about is making sure your cat is not bored. This is less likely to happen in good weather if your cat is able to get outside. You can spend the whole day running to burn off energy, chase flies, and enjoy the fresh air. You will likely find that you eat at night before bed for the rest of the night!

However, if your cat is not outdoors, you may have problems with this situation. There are times when you can end up bored and wanting to play, so it is important to have some food, treats, and toys that you love around you. Buy quality toys so that they don’t harm you in any way, and be sure to check them often for damage. Some of these toys are designed to make eating delicious food or professional cat food difficult, in order to slow it down when eating. It’s so much fun, but you have to supervise it when he’s playing.

Play with your cat

Of course, nothing is better than playing with its owner. He will love chasing and chasing things down so try to buy a game that has this in mind. This is a great way to spend some quality time with your cat because both of you can enjoy the process of playing together. Make sure to be quick, otherwise, he might turn against you!

Nothing beats the experience of getting a cat. Part of the responsibility is making sure you are always happy and healthy as possible. Regular vet visits are a good idea, but there are also many things you can do daily to help.

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Everything to Consider When Choosing a Pet Grooming Service

Like any pet owner, you want the best for your pet. You want to feed it the best food and have the best vet. It’s safe to say that you would do everything you can for your pet.

What about your pet’s grooming? You can’t forget about this. Grooming is part of caring for and keeping your pet healthy.

There are several factors to consider before you take your pet to a professional groomer. Read this article to learn everything you must know when choosing a pet grooming service.

Read the Reviews

You can start your search for a pet grooming service by reading online reviews. This is one of the best ways to get to know a business and its products.

You want to pick a place with a lot of positive reviews. To find online customer reviews, you can do a Google search for pet grooming stores near you.

You can also use the Better Business Bureau’s website. On this website, you can see if the business you’re planning to choose has any complaints against it.

Experience and Knowledge Are a Plus

A factor to consider when choosing a pet grooming service is experience. You want to hire a pet groomer who has experience working with pets like yours.

If you have a dog, you want someone who works with dogs. If you have a large dog, you know how hard it can be to groom such dogs. You want to have someone who can groom large dogs without major issues.

Determine if the groomer has professional certifications. A professional certificate shows the groomer has the right skills to perform this trade. A good dog groomer has a certificate from a licensed dog grooming school.

You can also ask about the groomer’s qualifications. You want the best pet grooming experience for your pet so you want a groomer who knows how to clean pets safely without hurting them.

Compare the Services and Prices

Not all pet groomers are the same. You want to be able to look into the different grooming services each business offers. Some businesses offer services at your home.

Much like you want to compare the services, you’ll also want to compare prices. Comparing grooming costs is important as you want to choose a groomer who offers good value.

Check Out the Facility

Once you have a few groomers on your list, you can start to check out their facilities. The groomer you choose to hire will need to have a clean facility. Hygiene must be a top priority for the groomer.

If the facility makes you feel comfortable and gives you peace of mind, then you should choose it. If you’re looking to learn more about your favorite pets make sure to visit

Pick the Pet Grooming Service

You want to have the best pet grooming service groom your pet. If you’re looking for one, make sure to consider these factors. By considering them, you can make sure that your pet is well taken care of.

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What Is a Mobile Dog Groomer and Why Are They so Popular?

Are you thinking of hiring a mobile dog groomer? It can be a great idea, one that is beneficial for you as well as your pup.

As a dog owner, you know regular grooming is essential. Although you should be grooming your dog at home, taking your pup to a professional groomer is also essential. A professional will complete a variety of grooming tasks, ranging from brushing your dog to ensure their skin and hair is healthy to checking for signs of infection.

However, taking a trip to the groomer can be a stressful experience for your pet. Although traveling to a new location is stressful enough, your dog also experiences sitting in a cage, being around other dogs, strange people, etc. This can cause extreme anxiety, which can result in bad behavior, eating problems, and more.

Fortunately, there is a great alternative to the traditional grooming experience. By using a mobile groomer, you can experience all of the benefits of grooming without your pet experiencing stress and anxiety.

If you are thinking about working with a mobile groomer but aren’t quite sure it’s worth it, here are several benefits you can expect to experience.

Mobile Grooming Is the Ultimate Convenience

One of the best benefits of using a mobile dog grooming service is the convenience. Your dog groomer will come to you, which eliminates the need to take your pet to another location for grooming. This means you can take care of tasks at home or relax while your dog is getting groomed.

You Will Experience Owner Comfort

As a pet owner, dealing with an anxious dog after visiting the groomer can be a stressful experience. Knowing your pup is going to be stressed during their visit can also be uncomfortable as an owner. By working with a mobile groomer, you are ensuring your pet is comfortable, which will help you feel more comfortable as an owner.

You Will Have the Same Groomer Every Time

A major benefit of a mobile groomer is having the same groomer every time. This will give your pet a feeling of familiarity, which will make them more comfortable overall. Just like your pet will get to know the groomer, he or she will also get to know the likes and dislikes of your pet.

You Can Make Standing Appointments

A great benefit of a mobile pet spa is the ability to make a standing appointment. You can quickly become a regular, which will add predictability to your pet’s schedule. This ensures your pet is groomed regularly, something that is important for their overall health.

You Will Experience a Quick Turnaround

One benefit of using a mobile dog groomer is the quick turnaround. You can save time on loading your pet into your vehicle, traveling to the groomer, waiting in line to pay, and more. The groomer will come to you, which gives you back your time to relax or check off a task on your to-do list.

Your Dog Will Get Personalized Attention

By using a mobile groomer, you are making sure your dog gets the attention he deserves. The entire experience is personalized, your dog is the only pup in the grooming environment so the groomer can hone in on his needs. By using a mobile groomer, your dog will not spend time alone without any human interaction during the grooming process.

You Can Take Advantage of Groomer Expertise

Whether you need a groomer who is an expert with long coats or an especially rowdy dog, most mobile groomers have experience and expertise. Mobile groomers are generally highly skilled and talented and have years of working as a groomer. When you take your dog to a traditional groomer, your dog might be groomed by someone who is new to the industry and doesn’t have the expertise to give your pup the best experience.

Your Dog Will Experience Less Stress

One of the best benefits of using a mobile groomer is decreasing the stress your dog experiences. Your dog has many stresses during the grooming process, such as traveling, experiencing a new environment, being around other dogs, and potentially sitting alone during the grooming process. By working with a mobile groomer, your dog is in familiar surroundings with familiar people, which will decrease his stress and anxiety.

Your Dog Will Have a Decreased Risk of Illness

If you want to keep your dog healthy, consider hiring a mobile groomer. When you take your dog to a traditional groomer, you are exposing them to whatever illness the other dogs have. You are also exposing your dog to fleas, ticks, kennel cough, and more.

As a bonus, your dog groomer can help maintain your pup’s physical healthy by cleaning their anal glands, trimming their nails, cleaning their ears, and checking for infection.

There Are No Other Dogs Present

A great reason to hire a mobile dog groomer is that your dog is not around other dogs. Depending on a variety of factors, such as the dog breed and personality, your dog may not be comfortable around other dogs. While they are likely separated at all times, this can still cause anxiety in your dog. By working with a groomer, your pup will be the only dog in the room, which can make for an easier experience on the dog overall.

These Are the Benefits of Hiring a Mobile Dog Groomer

There are many benefits you and your dog can experience by using a mobile dog groomer.

Your mobile groomer will come to you, which is the ultimate convenience. Your pet will benefit from having the same groomer, experiencing a less stressful environment, a decreased risk of illness, and personalized attention. Ultimately, both you and your dog will have a better experience when you hire a mobile groomer.

Using a mobile groomer is one of the best things you can do for your dog.

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6 Key Features To Consider For Best Bark Collar

A significant number of people hold dogs as pets around the world. On one hand, dogs are beneficial in many ways such as house protection, but they really irritate when they bark unnecessarily on the other. This is not only annoying to you and your neighbors but can also lead to a fine in the worst-case scenario. This unpleasant habit of the dogs can be controlled by using the best bark collar. All it needs is diligent use and consistency. The solution to this common barking problem is having a genuine bark collar.

Customers usually look for two main features when they buy bark collars. One is the size of the dog and the other is its disposition. In addition to that, various customers are sensitive in using bark collars for their pets for safety. Sensor-based collars are more reliable than the shock-based collars. The main purpose of using a collar is to distract the dog from unnecessary barking. In this way, they get trained. It is a slow and steady process in which the bark collar holds a very key role. There are multiple kinds of collars available in the market such as spray collars, vibration collars, ultrasonic collars, or static collars.

It is evident that there are several options available for a person to buy a suitable collar. Having said that, there are certain important factors that are essential in proving a bark collar as the best one. Here are those important factors:

1)      Compatibility:

The sizes of the pet and of the collar should be matched. Otherwise, it would be difficult to hold the dog with a mismatched collar.

2)      Age of the dogs:

Bark collars are not recommended for the dogs or puppies of a young age such as below 6 months. It could be dangerous to use shock collars or vibratory collars in that case.

3)      Rechargeable collars:

It is a very important thing as one can easily recharge the battery. No need to replace the batteries anymore.

4)      Waterproof collars:

Some dogs really like to play in the water or in a rainy environment. Waterproof collars prevent the device to be malfunctioned.

5)      Collar Manuals:

Collars with proper and easy-to-understand manuals are recommended. It helps in testing the collar through a specific test method.

 6)       Type of the collars:

Single sensor and double sensor collars are available in the market. Similarly, sound-based, and vibration-based collar have their own way of use.

The main purpose of having a bark collar is to prevent the pet dog from excessive and unnecessary barking. Collars with the above-mentioned quality factors will perform better as compared to others. Although, there are different collars with respect to their use such as shock and vibration collars. They have their pros and cons. In order to best train your dog, you must go for a reputed, easy to use and economical bark collar. As far as the safety question is concerned, it is totally secure to use bark collars for your pet dogs. Initially, they will show abrupt behavior, but eventually, they will be used to it. So, get the best bark collar considering the above-mentioned factors.

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The Importance of Personalized Custom Dog Bed

We can all agree that a good night’s sleep is most rejuvenating and relaxing. Even though this is particularly true for people, you should know that dogs require sleep as well.

According to statistics, dogs sleep between twelve and eighteen hours a day, depending on age and other factors.

Therefore, they need a comfortable bed to enjoy the same way we do. Even though you can find a puppy trying to snuggle during the night, we recommend you find proper options that will accommodate its needs.

It is essential because when you are outside the house, they can easily relax in a single area specifically dedicated to them. Avoid letting them sleep in your bed, but also, it should have a cozier spot than the floor.

You should click here to learn more about pet furniture.

Proper pet beds will provide your puppy or adult one with enough space to keep it comfortable while soft and supportive along the way. It would be best if you thought about how sleep is essential.

You probably feel better while being on a soft one supported by a cloud-like pillow. The same thing works for dog beds, which is why you should consider finding the one that will provide your friend a perfect way to relax and enjoy.

Benefits of Dog Beds

1. Perfect Joint Supporting

When dogs age, they can develop numerous problems, including hip dysplasia, arthritis, and other joint problems. If you wish to prevent this problem, you should find a supportive bed with a proper cushion that will provide relief from age-related issues and pain.

Therefore, a comfortable sleeping area is essential for developing puppies because it supports joints and can provide a peaceful rest.

We recommend you to find the ones that feature interlocking filling materials that will offer both supportive and soft features for joints.

That way, you can prevent pain for older dogs to a minimum, which will allow them to relax better than before.

2. Better Sleep

Similarly,like people, dogs require quality sleep to maintain regular health. Therefore, you should know that proper rest improves your canine’s memory and can make it more intelligent, according to a few studies.

Therefore, when you teach your dog new commands, you should let it sleep properly afterward to ensure that it learns better than before. Besides, as soon as pups are rested, they will have more energy to start learning new things.

This is highly important for large breeds and old canine friends that require more sleep than smaller and younger counterparts. Having a cozy bed cushion will encourage them to stay asleep all night long, giving you peace of mind.

3. Perfect Relaxing Spot

You should know that a comfortable option can be a perfect oasis for your dog, apart from other areas within your household. Since they are den animals, you can rest assured because they appreciate having spots where they can enjoy and relax.

The main idea is to choose a proper dog sleeping area specifically sized for your canine friend. Of course, large breeds will require more extensive beds, which is a vital consideration to remember.

Check out this site:  to learn more about making a proper sleeping area for your canine friend.

That way, you can ensure that they have enough space to nap and stretch out while inside. Even if you place it within a crate, you will have a cozy place to hide away and hang out when stressed or tired.

4. Simple to Clean

You probably know that canines can track plenty of pests, including fleas and dirt, which is why you should regularly clean them. At the same time, you can find a removable cover that you can wash and toss at least once a week.

That will keep their hair healthier and reduce potential germs and dander. You should also find the one that is both dryable and washable in the machine.

That is highly important for senior dogs that have inconsistency issues, apart from puppies who are still training to use the potty properly

The same way as you enjoy a feeling of freshly washed bedding, the same thing works for your dog. Having a comfortable and clean spot to sleep is essential. In case a bed is simple to maintain, you can deal with it in a matter of hours.

5. Encourage Your Canine Friend to Sleep in a Personalized Bed

Some people enjoy sleeping with their dogs because it is a pleasurable moment. However, it can affect your cycle and disturb you, especially because puppies want to turn and toss.

At the same time, if you have a large breed, it would be challenging to share a single bed, which is another essential consideration to remember.

Therefore, you should encourage your puppy or adult dog to use its cozy bed and sleep away from other places.

One study has shown that having your dog in your room can help you boost your sleep. However, having it resting on your bed will give you deprivation after a while.

It is vital to find durable, washable & reversible pet beds to help your canine friend to enjoy along the way.

The best way to teach your dog to avoid your bed altogether is to provide them with the coziness of their own. You can get your puppy inside and placing a few of them over your household.

That will encourage them to hang on to them rather than on furniture. As a result, you do not have to clean your couch and chair too often as before.

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Advanced Pet Care: Your Guide on Walking the Dog

You’ve mastered sit, stay is coming along nicely, but as soon as you head out for a walk, things get ugly. Yep, it’s an issue faced by many dog owners—the challenge of mastering loose leash walking.

The outside world is so exciting to dogs, with plenty of smells to sniff and things to see. This means it can be hard for them to walk calmly without pulling in every direction.

However, the good news is that any dog can learn to walk calmly on a leash—if you know what you’re doing! To learn more about this form of advanced pet care, keep reading to find our top tips for walking your dog.

Practice Positive Reinforcement

When walking your dog, positive reinforcement is one of the best tools you can use to improve your pet’s behavior. This is a training method where you ignore the bad behavior and continuously reward the good with praise, treats, or toys.

Soon, your dog learns that doing the right thing gets them what they want—attention and snacks! When walking, reward your dog when they do the right thing, like sitting when waiting for a pedestrian light or walking politely.

You’ll start to notice improvements when out walking, as long as you’re consistent.

Bring Along the Right Gear

Responsible pet care means keeping your pet safe with the right accessories. We recommend a harness or collar that fits properly, along with a short leash and some treats.

Try to avoid retractable leashes, as they can sometimes stop working—very dangerous if your dog runs out in front of traffic. The strong tension from the rope has also been known to cause injury to both pets and humans.

Of course, all responsible pet owners always clean up after their pet when walking—this foldable pooper scooper makes it easy to get the job done.

Sniffing Is Ok!

Some pet owners get annoyed that their dog spends too much time sniffing. After all, we’re here to walk, not sniff trees and grass!

However, it’s actually good to allow your dog some time to sniff. It provides mental stimulation and helps them understand their surroundings.

Dogs have such powerful senses of smell that it’s perfectly ok to give them some sniffing time, as long as the area is safe.

Spend Plenty of Time Training

One of the secrets to successful dog walking is that it starts long before you leave the house! Start practicing leash walking in the house when your dog is only a puppy.

Training is key to success, as you want to start in an environment free from distraction before moving onto the vast outdoors. Repetition is key, to practice commands and skills daily—your dog will get the hang of it!

Master Advanced Pet Care When Going for a Walk

Getting a dog to walk perfectly on a lead is definitely a form of advanced pet care, but keep in mind it’s easier for some dogs than others! However, with patience and a lot of practice, you’ll soon start to see improvements.

If you’re really struggling with walking, you might also find that working with a dog trainer or attending an obedience class can make a big difference. Try to stay positive, have fun, and enjoy your time with your dog—soon, you’ll both be walking beautifully!

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5 Signs You Have a Raccoon Infestation (and What to Do About It)

Do you suspect there is a raccoon infestation in or near your home? It is essential to act fast, as, like with any pest infestation, the problem will continue to worsen.

Raccoon infestations can lead to court cases, sleepless nights, and exposure to diseases. Even if the raccoon problem is not in your home yet, it can get to the point where it is.

Raccoons are black and grey. They have black rings around their tails and ‘bandit mask’ style markings on their face. However, there are some other signs you may have a raccoon problem even if you do not see them.

Here are five signs you may have a raccoon pest infestation.

  1. Raccoon Footprints

Raccoon footprints are easy to distinguish from other animals. They have five fingers, so their paws resemble tiny human hands. Their back paws are like small human feet, too.

If you notice these types of footprints in your garden or around your area, it means raccoons are around. If you have other raccoon evidence, you may have an infestation.

  1. Raccoon Droppings

Raccoons usually have a communal area for their bathroom, so droppings are often in one or two areas. They are similar in appearance to dog droppings and have a strong odor. Bases of trees, attics, and under-decks are some common sites.

Call a pest infestation service if you notice droppings. Raccoons can carry some diseases, so get a professional to get rid of raccoons.

  1. Evidence of Dens

Raccoons like to make nests in areas like trees, homes, and abandoned buildings. If you notice footprints or droppings, have a look for potential dens. Also, prevent pest infestation by sealing any points of access, such as under a deck.

If you find a den, be wary! As raccoons are nocturnal, they could be in there during the day. They can be aggressive, so do not risk trying to capture them!

A pest infestation company such as Animal Damage Control MN LLC will safely get rid of raccoons. And they will prevent future infestation.

  1. Noise

Raccoons can get noisy at night. If you hear something in your attic or chimney, it could be a raccoon. You might also hear them communicating at night.

Raccoon noise can vary, but it is often compared to an owl screech, grunts, snorts, and screams. Baby raccoons may make whining or crying sounds.

  1. Property Damage

Have you noticed toppled garbage cans or trash spewed across your lawn? It could be raccoons feasting.

Raccoons have sharp claws and teeth, so you may also notice scratch or bite marks. If raccoons are inside your home, they may chew through wiring, insulation, and beams.

Call Pest Infestation!

If you notice one or more signs above, it is time to call a pest infestation company. The sooner you act, the sooner you can solve the raccoon problem.

A pest infestation service can get rid of raccoons without causing harm. Do not risk trying yourself! Good luck!

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Pet Care

5 Essential Tools for Every Veterinary Practice

Did you know that 67% of US households have a pet? At this point, they’re not just pets, they’re family members and they make up a substantial percentage of our population.

Considering how much we rely on these creatures for comfort, friendship, and general companionship, they deserve the best health care possible. This means that if you’re running a veterinary practice, it’s important to stock the appropriate equipment for every patient.

While the equipment will vary depending on the animal cared for, certain essentials are useful for every species. So if you what to know the equipment needed when starting a vet practice, read on!

  1. Veterinary Thermometer

Some traditional glass and mercury thermometers are available for animal use, although breakage is a risk. They must also be cleaned between patients.

Some digital thermometers are specifically designed for animal use. One advantage to a digital thermometer is they come with disposable covers to prevent cross-infection. This way you won’t have to clean the thermometer as much between patients.

The average digital thermometer ranges from 32.0 C to about 44 C (which is about 90 F – 111.9 F). The thermometer produces a quiet beep, that avoids upsetting the patient.

  1. Animal PCR Test

When running an animal hospital, using cultures for a diagnosis takes a long time and can often result in false negatives. PCR technology is now replacing cultures, using DNA from microbes to get fast, accurate results.

Traditional cultures prolong the diagnostic process and subsequent misery of patients. They can also be incredibly expensive. An animal PCR test saves money and valuable time.

At the very least this can get the patient on the road to recovery faster. At best it can save lives!

  1. Animal Ultrasound Scanner

Diagnostic imaging allows vets to see clear images within the body of an animal while remaining non-invasive. An ultrasound system can help diagnose pregnancy and some injuries in every species.

New ultrasound veterinary technology reduces exam time and creates a more in-depth picture of the body’s system in real-time. If your hospital also involves home visits, a portable ultrasound machine might be useful as well.

  1. Digital X-Ray Machine

The less time your patient spends at the hospital and the more time they spend at home, the more successful your veterinary medicine practice is. The proper diagnostic equipment is key.

A digital radiography machine can give a clear picture of muscles, organs, and bones without the hassle of a film room. These images are very clear and allow the technicians to spot small details which can mean the difference between an accurate diagnosis and an inaccurate one.

  1. Veterinary Stethoscope

Stethoscopes, the classic doctor’s tool, are no less vital in the animal medicine field. However, a vet requires a specialized stethoscope.

A veterinary stethoscope is small and lightweight with a sensitive diaphragm bell. The diaphragm bell is the piece that picks up sound. It’s the most important part when working with animals because it has to get through extra fur to hear delicate sounds in small animals.

Upgrade Your Veterinary Practice Today!

If you’re thinking of starting a veterinary practice, or you already run one, remember that the equipment you choose can save lives and keep treasured family members healthy. The proper diagnostic equipment is the key to a quick recovery and a loyal customer and happy patient.

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