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Essential Factors to consider when choosing Your Dog’s Food – Especially if it has Health Issues

As a pet owner (or human, as dog lovers like to call themselves nowadays), you are in the best position to choose the right kind of food that your beloved pooch needs. After all, you know them best – their temperament and attitude, their characteristics, and the overall condition of their health. This is even truer if your dog has been or is being treated for particular conditions, such as an allergy, metabolic disorder, or other condition.

If your pet has any health issues, then you should be even more careful about the food you give them. It has already been shown that the kind of diet you give your dog does make a big impact on their health and wellness – the proper diet and nutrition makes dogs healthier and happier, and can even affect their ability and capacity to combat certain ailments or diseases.

What you can do

First of all, you should ask your veterinarian if there is any diet they can prescribe for your dog, especially if it has certain health issues. Ask the veterinarian for a good, high quality type of diet – not a generic one that may work well with most dogs, but not with your pooch. Dog food specialists such as Essential Foods in Sweden (find out more about their special products at have even produced what can be referred to as Behavioural Optimising Foods, which have been very useful for dogs which need to have their blood glucose levels under control.

The point, though, is to choose dog food made only with the best and freshest ingredients, with a healthy balance of meat and protein, calories, fats, and carbohydrates.

A guide to the best diets for some health conditions

Intolerance or allergies to food

If your pet is lucky enough not to be allergic to anything, then all is well and good. But there are certain breeds that have shown a susceptibility to allergies in food, such as Dalmatians, Labrador Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, Lhasa Apsos, and more. When your dog has shown an intolerance or allergy to a specific type of food, make a note of this. You should also make a list of the foods that your dog can eat and show this to the veterinarian. When choosing dog food, refer to your list and make sure that none of the ingredients in the dog food is included in it.

Metabolic conditions or disorders

There are also some dog breeds that may be susceptible to metabolic conditions, which are greatly affected by their diets. For instance, one of the terrier breeds, the West Highland Terrier, has been shown to be prone to have a buildup of copper in their liver, so this terrier should have a diet which should not have high copper levels. On the other hand, other breeds such as the Siberian Husky have a tendency to have a metabolic condition related to a lack of zinc, so they may also require a diet that is rich in zinc.

Ask your veterinarian about any conditions that your dog’s breed may be prone to. Once you have found this out, call your dog food manufacturer and ask them specifically if their products contain ingredients that may not benefit your breed of dog.

Any type of cancer

If your beloved pet is being treated for cancer, then it will need a diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in fat. This is because the cancer cells make use of carbohydrates to produce energy and cannot generally make use of fat – so with a diet that’s rich in fat and low in carbs, you can essentially starve the cells and keep them from multiplying.

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All-Natural Flea and Tick Repellents

It goes without question that DEET is the most effective insect repellent on the market; however, DEET-containing products are not the safest. These products have been shown to create health problems over the long term. You definitely do not want to expose your dog to these products if less-drastic measures will help. The safest options are going to be all-natural solutions to flea and tick problems first. You should attempt them before you resort to chemicals.


Lemongrass is an all-natural grass that grows in many different locations. Many insect-repelling dog accessories are infused with lemongrass because many insects have a natural aversion to its smell. You should keep in mind that lemongrass is not going to be as effective as a chemical solution, but if your problem is only small or if you are trying preventative measures, they should be fairly effective. Since lemongrass is not as effective as some of the chemicals, it is often combined with other products.


Eucalyptus oil comes from the eucalyptus tree. This is another product that insects find repulsive. That’s why many dog collars are infused with both lemongrass and eucalyptus as a means to drive insects away.

Why This Is Important

Ticks are arachnids, like spiders or scorpions. They attach to your dog when it brushes against them in the grass. They spend days feeding on your dog, oftentimes without your dog even noticing. This can be a significant problem because ticks are carriers of diseases and they can easily transfer them to you or your dog. The deer tick, for example, is a known carrier of the pathogens that can lead to Lyme disease. While only certain ticks carry harmful pathogens, it is best that you don’t take chances with your dog’s health.

However, it is important that the solution you choose is not dangerous as well. DEET is an incredibly powerful insect repellent. Many researchers have found that the use of DEET is not a health concern for most people. However, it is dangerous for certain people with a particular sensitivity to it. Your dog can also have a sensitivity to this chemical.

The effects of sensitivity to DEET might not be readily apparent, especially not in a dog. Some of the noted effects have been as varied as headaches, rashes, and psychological effects. If your dog starts scratching even more than before after using a DEET-based product, it might be suffering from a sensitivity. However, you will have a much harder time knowing if your dog is experiencing headaches and psychological problems.

Negative reactions to insect-repellent chemicals are pretty rare, but it’s not unheard of. What’s most important is that you keep yourself, your family, and your dog safe. If you do not know what chemicals might do to your dog, it might be in your best interest to start out with a natural repellent, such as lemongrass and eucalyptus.

When you buy your dog products online, you have a wide variety of products to select from. You can buy all-natural products that might be safer than DEET and other chemicals.

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3 Litter Box Tips To Never Forget

When you have a cat, you’re going to need to make sure that you look into more than just feeding them. Yes, you should put out food, and water, but you’ll also need to worry about the litter box. Whether you have one cat or several, the litter box is going to be a point of contention if you’re not careful. Sure, it may seem rudimentary, but you’re going to find that there is a lot to think about here, especially if you have multiple cats.

The Box Itself

There are several boxes that you can work with. Some are small, some are disposable, and some have little covers that can give your pet privacy. Which is going to be best for your cat? Well, you need to consider whether or not you have a large cat or a kitten. If you have more than one, and you expect them to grow larger, don’t get a covered solution. Get an option that is big, and allows for free movement when in the litter box. This will save you headaches when your pet jumps out, and more. Another solution that you want to look into is an automated solution. An automatic box will clean the litter and remove fecal matter so that you don’t have to. You’ll need to empty the reservoir, but other than that, it’s 100% automatic.

The Litter

Once you have the box, you will need to look for the right litter. The litter that you will need to look for is clumping at the very least. You can go with a lot of other options, but nothing is going to be as easy to clean up or will have a scent. The last thing you want to have sitting around is scentless, smelly litter. Look for options that are clumping and if you have multiple cats, make sure that the box is labeled as such. Do not go cheap here. You don’t need the most expensive option, but you don’t want to go too cheap with the litter. At the very least, you need to ensure that things are going to clump, and clean up with ease.

Keep Things Clean

The above two tips are about getting the right litter and box. But this tip is going to be something that you take with you for the life of your cat. You need to make sure that you keep the box and the areas around the box clean and clear. Cats may cause some litter to spill, so you may want to put down a mat to pick up debris. Furthermore, make sure that you keep your cat’s litter box clean, clear, and full of litter. If you don’t, they will resent it and could leave a deposit outside of the box. By keeping things clear and clean, you will be able to ensure that the smell doesn’t permeate the area, and your cat will show you mutual respect. If you can’t keep it up, get an automatic litter box, and keep things easy on yourself.

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Top pet care tips unleashed

We are leading a life which is stressed in all manners. Professional tensions and pressures are pulling many people to an unhealthy state, and most of them finally end up being the victims of physical and mental lifestyle diseases. One of the best ways which you can combat the issues of depression and other lifestyle issues are by growing pets in your home. Spending time with pets will make you relaxed, and during this time, you will not think about other problems which are haunting you. You can even take your pet for a walk, and it is beneficial for your physical health.

Before buying a pet, you should understand that maintaining it in the most cleansed manner is not at all an easy task. Being the owner of a dog, you should always try to use a dog waste station, and even a small compromise in this area will drastically affect the overall cleanliness of your lane. This article will provide you some of the top tips which you can follow for proper pet care.

Regular examinations: This is the first and foremost thing you should do if you are growing pets in your home. You should always understand that the pets in your home are also living beings, and they too are prone to various diseases. If you want to give the best to your pet, then take it to a veterinary doctor twice in a year for checkups. Proper checkups will help the medical professional to analyze any deep rooted problems with your pet, and he will be also able to give you a nutritious chart for the well being of your dear one.

You should also make sure that your pet is getting vaccinated regularly. Proper vaccinations should be done against diseases like rabies, distemper, feline leukemia, and canine hepatitis for the better wellbeing of your pet.

Take care of the parasites: Parasites may create huge negative impacts in the life of your pets. Fleas are a very common parasite which will result in various problems in your pets. Some of the common issues associated with these parasites are irritated skins, hair loss, hot spots and infections.

Give preference to cleanliness: Being a pet owner, you should be very much responsible to your society as well. You should always make sure that your pet is not creating any kinds of troubles or hassles to the people who are living nearby. Waste management of pets is one area where most of the pet owners fail to create a positive impact. It is always recommended to use a dog waste station, and this will help you to maintain the areas in the most cleansed manner.

Maintain an optimal weight: Obesity is not only prevalent in humans, but they are very common in pets too. Being obese will increase the chances of arthritis and cancer among your pets. So, make sure that your pet is maintaining a healthy weight.

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6 Things You Should Know About Your Chihuahua

Beverley Hills Chihuahua 1, Beverley Hills Chihuahua 2, Beverley Hills Chihuahua 3, Legally Blond 1 and Legally Blond 2, BOLT, and Chihuahua the Movie – apart from these, there are many other movies that talk about the stories of these beauties and might have inspired you to have one. Chihuahuas featured in the movies are very well-trained but the fact is that Chihuahuas are notoriously known for their naughtiness and tough nature to train and housebreak. Here are 6 things you should know about your Chihuahua.

1. Habitat

Chihuahuas do not like to change their habitat twice or more. They like their homes which is why they are easy to restrict inside the premises of your house. Their negative behavior towards change in habitat may make it difficult for you to move. The ideal age of Chihuahuas for housebreaking is from 6-12 months, when their brains develop very fast and become accustomed to their current habitat.

2. Attention-Seekers

Even grown up Chihuahuas are like young babies. They want your attention, and for this, they may compete with your kids. Chihuahuas are also known for biting when their desires are not fulfilled or when they are not fully attended. They don’t cause serious bite damages but if you have babies or young kids at home then Chihuahua is not the right breed for you. So play with them often and feed your Chihuahua with good food to keep them healthy

3. Not a Pocket Pet

We see beautiful women carrying Chihuahuas in their arms and purses in movies. But Chihuahuas literally don’t like being a fashion accessory or becoming a pocket pet. Chihuahua is the world’s smallest dog breed that loves running, walking or jumping and sometimes hanging out with its big brothers (aka dogs of other breeds).

4. Perfect Jumpers and Climbers

Chihuahua is a breed that loves jumping and climbing. They can climb up to 2 feet so beware and keep your kitchen locked or put sensitive things like knives, forks and electrical equipment at the height of at least 2 feet or above.

5. Warmth-Lovers

Chihuahuas love warmth because they get cold very easily. Your Chihuahua can easily fall ill so make sure to keep it covered in a blanket while resting. Socks and woolen jackets are easily available in the market in vibrant colors for your mini pooch.

6. Crate Training

Crate training can solve a number of problems. Firstly, Chihuahuas want personal space and security. Living in a crate for a few hours can make them feel secured at home. Secondly, you can easily travel by air, rail, or road while your Chihuahua will rest in the crate instead of throwing a tantrum in the plane.

Apart from these common habits, every Chihuahua differs in nature. Bringing a puppy Chihuahua home can help you to understand the nature of your pet easily.

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Bulldogs – Why Are They So Prone To Diseases?

Most of the people love to keep pets and bulldogs. These two breed of dogs are one of the most chosen pets these days. These dogs look cute, and thus make preferred choice for many of the pet lovers. The only sad part about these dogs is that they are very much prone to diseases compared to other dog breeds. Most of the bulldogs suffer joint and skin problems, cherry eye, heart stroke, eye issues like entropion etc.

The good news is that you don’t need to feel hesitation in buying bulldogs just because they are prone to diseases. There are professional breeders available out there who can take care of your bulldog and allow you to just enjoy with your this cutest companion without any hassle. However, you should also know about diseases and health risk that your bulldog may suffer, so that you are able to explain it to the breeder.

Few of the common health problems in bulldogs

Breathing problem

Since these dogs have extremely short face, they find it difficult to breathe. Nose of a bulldog is very tiny and sits deeply between its eyes. The small shape and placement of their noses give them trouble while breathing. In addition, these dogs have compressed nostrils too.

Overall, bulldogs have many respiratory problems in comparison with dogs of other breeds.

Hip dysplasia

You will be surprised to know that 72% of bulldogs suffer from such problem. This problem is usually caused due to their broad low and short-legged appearances. Hip dysplasia is also known as malformation in bulldogs. Poor structure of their hips makes it difficult for them to walk too.

Skin problems

Yeast and bacterial infections are common in bulldogs. This is because they have heavy wrinkles on their face, which provide a rich domicile for yeast and bacteria. While other pets do not require that much regular cleaning, it becomes must with bulldogs. Once you bring it home, you are required to take extra care of its cleaning and hygiene issues.

Popularity of bulldogs

You might be wondering why bulldogs are so popular despite of being so prone to diseases. They are popular because of their cute faces and tiny body structure that adds extra cuteness on them. If you have been planning to buy a bulldog for yourself, then the best you can do is get it insured from a trusted insurance company.

Insurance will cover for the money you spent on the treatment of your bulldog and all you would do is enjoy the company of your favourite pet.

English bulldog insurance companies are one of the most popular insurance services, which help you with the maintenance of dog health. You can contact them to buy insurance for your bulldog.

We have a website too, which you can visit to understand various types of insurances that we offer. We have hundreds of satisfied clients and we aim to increase the number. You may want to visit our website and contact us. All you will be asked for is simple details about you and your bulldog. After that someone from our team will contact you. Visit us today!

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Your Easy Guide to Buying Wholesale Pet Supplies at Great Prices!

Pets are special, not because of the unadulterated love they share, but because it’s one of the rarest bond that we choose on our own. People have all kinds of pets and fur buddies – starting from cats and dogs to exotic birds and animals that can be legally owned. We do love our pets, and yet, there is no denying that the costs of pet supplies are insanely high. It is rather very annoying to find that every single accessory and food treat is priced much beyond their actual cost of manufacturing. At the same time, these accessories and treats come off as essentials, so you cannot exactly avoid the investment. Here are some quick ideas to actually find supplies for your pet at great prices.

Check online

Thanks to a number of online stores, you can actually find all kinds of wholesale pet supplies in a few clicks. Online stores have emerged all over the world, and many of them offer unique products, which otherwise may not be available in your country. In fact, many pet owners and even local pet shops rely on these stores to get their supplies. Online stores often offer a great range of benefits, including easy or low cost shipping for bulk products.

Try new stores

No matter whether you are looking for a special kind of a squeaky toy or want to get a fancy collar for your pet, it is always good to try stores that are new. This will only ensure that you get the best pricing, because that’s rather an important consideration, and many new stores have insane discounts, given that there are looking to find their own foot in the market. You will also find a range of exclusive products, which may be different from what you in see in most of the local shops. Many stores and online suppliers are also manufacturers, so you can expect to see a lot of products that are exclusive to their store.

Ask questions and negotiate

If you are thinking of buying products and food treats in bulk, always try to ask the manufacturers about the products, expiry date, quality of the plastic and materials used, and any other question in your mind. It is also a good idea to negotiate on the price, especially when you are placing an extreme large order. While some wholesale suppliers do have fixed prices for certain pet products, they often have special discounts to offer for clients seeking volume supplies.

Finally, it is always a good idea to place a small order and try a service before being critical. This will not only help you in evaluating their services, but at the same time, you can actually check the quality of the products for further ordering and references. Most of the time, pet supplies are needed frequently by pet owners, so if you can place a bigger order and save some money, it makes sense to spend in that way. Check for a few stores now!

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5 Preparative Tips before Using Dog Shock Collars

Dog Obedience Training with shock collars aims at training dogs in a way that says “fosters a relationship of understanding and cooperation between dog and owner”. It uses a basic corrective method which can quickly make pets understand the difference between desirable and undesirable behavior. They begin to react in a manner which does not harm them in any way, and as desired by their owners. Here are 5 preparative tips that you should use in order to ensure the effectiveness of your training.

Prepare your pet’s neck

First of all, you have to prepare your pet’s neck and ensure that the collar can fit easily. The neck has to be checked well to determine whether there are any abrasions, cuts or injuries. Before fitting the collar, you have to wait for some time to let the damaged skin region heal properly. Comb or brush the hair. If your canine companion has heavy hair or short prongs, you need to clip, cut or trim the hair short in the spot where the collar will be attached to the neck. Measure the collar width and shorten the high neck hair under the jaw. Clean the neck region to reduce any irritation risks.

Use your dog shock collar in “Off” mode

Keep the collar turned off and have it fixed on the neck of your pet for a few days. It will let your pet feel at ease with the collar, and not relate it with the corrective shocks it will be subjected to. You will not like your dog to behave well only when it has the collar on over its neck for all times. Once your dog gets accustomed to the collar in “Off” mode, it will not relate it to the shocks after receiving the corrective voltage.

Set voltage to a low setting

Set the collar shock level at the lowest setting at first. This will prevent any injury to your pet. You can increase the shock level later, as and when you need. If your dog does not exhibit the desired response to lower shock levels, you can increase the voltage to obtain the coveted behavior.

Let your pet socialize

You should allow your dog to socialize with other dogs in the vicinity, as well as with various other creatures such as cats. Keep an eye on the pet to ensure that the interactions do not get violent or aggressive. Allowing your pet to mix with other animals will allow it to understand its place in the world, and become obedient and disciplined. It will begin to respect the needs and convenience of other creatures, including humans.

Get assistance from experienced dog owners

Dog owners who are long-timers at handling and dealing with pets can provide you with guidance, advice and suggestions which can help you in avoiding common dog behavioral issues. You can also understand why and how your pet reacts in a certain way to specific situations, and whether or not they need a correction for the same. You will not like to deliver voltage correction when your dog is barking due to hunger, upon sensing an intrusion or due to the call of nature.

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What Do You Really Mean By Pet Adoption

Pet adoption is the procedure of taking guardianship of and liability for a pet that a previous owner has stopped or launched to a protection or save company. The common resources for adoptable animals are none other than pet shelters and rescue organization.

This option is also available is online pet adoption. These websites have data source of pets being located by countless numbers of pet shelters and rescue organizations, and are retrievable by the public

Animal housing

Pets are taken to animal shelters for many factors.

Animals found loose or wander without recognition, and which are unclaimed by any owner

Ads placed by people trying to get a new house for their pet

Pets that have been misused or ignored and have been seized from the harmful owner

Extreme and/or inadequately particular breeding: Breeders are a major cause of over-population because they usually generate more pets than they can offer and often generate creatures that do not fulfill recommended type requirements. Getting pet insurance for your pet is not at all a bad idea.

Death: Owner passes away and no one in the family wants to keep the pet.

Changed circumstances: Financial or residing arrangements change significantly and people feel they can no more provide an appropriate house for the pet. This might also consist of someone having to shift to new conditions where pets are prohibited.

Second thoughts: A pet bought on the sporadically or as something special for another person (frequently for Christmas). Frequently the owner finds that taking care of the pet is much more work than predicted or needs more space or practice than they are ready to give.

Missing pet: Pet leaves the house or cannot discover its way back, and provides no recognition labels or micro-chip. The owner does not be successful in discovering (or makes no effort to do so).

Health: The pet owner faces serious health issues that make it difficult of looking after for the pet. Or the pet itself is afflicted with a medical problem the owner is not ready or willing to deal with.

Practice babies: Shelters use this word for pets that have been implemented by couples and which are then left behind when the couple separates, or when a person baby comes along and the owners no more have the time or tendency of looking after for their pet.

Allergies: Many owners declare that they or their kids were allergic to their animals without understanding that reality before obtaining them or have developed reactions to their animals since obtaining them.