Monthly Updates and Comparisons on Pet Insurance Prices


Every month, Pet Insurance Australia, updates and compares pet insurance carriers and prices so that pet owners can quite easily make a comparison of the pricing for pet insurers in Australia. They do this for certain insurers because they get a commission from them, but they will always be clearly marked as they still want to offer the most unbiased recommendations. Any commissions earn are used to pay for the operation of their website pet insurance Australia.

Amount of insurance

What is considering too much insurance? Excess is the pet owner’s co-payin a claim and every claimmakes up of a required and a volunteered amount that you are easy with; you need to realize that the higher you set the voluntary excess, the lower your overall premium will be.

Is pet insurance necessary

Does a pet owner really need Pet Insurance? Pets are most of the time seen as part of the family, so making certain they are covered with pet insurance in case of sickness or accident can be a good choice. Policies can also have coverage should the pet:

  • Die
  • Is lost or stolen
  • Attacks a third party
  • Damages property

This website also collated the latest coupons and latest promo codes from each of Australia’s leading pet insurance companies. Promotions can change almost every week so it is important to check back for later offers.

Promo code

Many pet insurers do offer a 10 percent promo code off your monthly or yearly plan if you are already an existing member. Here is an example:

Woolworths has a 10 percent off the pet insurance quote if you are a member of Woolworths Rewards. This also is the same with other insurance such as:

  • Bupa
  • HCF
  • Pet plan
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