Monitor Your Pets At Home With Pet Cameras


It is vital that upon leaving home for work, or in a daily basis, that you look after your pets. Leaving pets can really be a hassle if you do not have someone to look after them.

Cut the feeding times, think of your pet roaming around the house touching cable wires and all those things that can cause your home serious damages. It is no denying that these furr pets can misbehave sometimes that is why it is advisable to set up a pet camera at home and a pet camera app in your mobile so you can monitor them.

Fortunately there are now plenty of pet cameras available in the market today. People are now anticipating the hassle and stress of leaving sick and unbehaved pets at home. Now, they are easily helping a lot of pet owners live a convenient life with pets.

Today, this blog will talk about FurBo dog camera and how you can use it in monitoring your pets or pets at home.

FurBo Dog Camera

The least thing you would not want to know is your pet eating away your new pair of shoes. Or your getting out from the your house window. That is really frustrating!

One of the best in the market is FurBo Dog Camera. Check out this awesome features this app has for you. – all the reason why you should get one and install in your home.;

Why FurBo?

Furbo is a brand that is popular in most pet owners. One of the reason why because it has been featured in the Ellen DeGeneres Show. with that said, it is surely reliable that this app has been taking miles in giving pet owners a good high end camera to look over their pets.

What’s the nicest feature about this is that you can still play games and feed your pets even if you are away. The camera has a built-on storage for feeds so you can operate from your pet camera app and toss treats to your dog whenever you want. You can fill it up with up to 100 pieces of treats that are about half an inch in size.

Another thing is that it can also detect a dog’s bark so you can easily be alerted. It is also a way for you to detect if your dog is distress or he is just making noise. Apart from that, It also has a voice recording straight to the pet camera app so you can still send recordings to calm your dog whenever he’s distress.

Not only that, it also notify you of your dog’s activities. With that, it will timely sends you photos of your dog’s activity around the house. So it’s really sure that you are 100% aware of what he is doing around the house without you.

And lastly- it has a night vision feature. So basically, at any time of the day you can still monitor your dog. So no worries if you’re out for a ladies night out, because now you can just hang out for some party while still responsibly looking out after your pet.

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